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Primary area of focus for The life You Want is to assist you to thrive by facilitating personal well-being and (inner-) peace. This includes managing difficult relationships with individuals, groups or within corporate. We create well-being and peace so that we can thrive in our life. by addressing the root causes of our life and health issues. We also create inner-peace through allergy alleviation (including food sensitivities such as Gluten intolerance, Lactose intolerance and Sugar intolerance), We offer fantastic nationally and internationally accredited training and we give CPD points for a number of professions.

If you are experiencing difficulties in any of these areas, The Life You Want can help. We facilitate change on a subconscious and even cellular level. This makes the implementation of change easy and feel natural.

What is the difference between

Peace Mediation & Peace Facilitation?


Peace Mediation

both parties have to co-operate. We are dependent on the willingness of the other party to be part of the mediation process.

Peace Facilitation

With our unique peace facilitation process, we assist you in creating peace, even if the other party is not interested. This  puts the power back into your hands.

Who is

Hanna Kok


Hanna Kok is the founding member of  The Life You Want, a personal well-being and peace facilitation organisation. She was born in the Netherlands where she grew up and completed her teacher’s training. She moved to Southern Africa in 1984. She lived for 12 years in Mpharane, a rural village in Lesotho, where she and her husband ran a trading station. She has been living in South Africa since 1997.

She is one of South Africa’s leading Brain Gym® consultants and trainers, giving her a solid foundation in Educational Kinesiology. In addition she’s a qualified NAET allergy practitioner and qualified as a medical intuitive through her THETA Healing™ studies.

We incorporate all Hanna Kok’s skills and knowledge in our programs that have helped thousands of people, just like you, to let go of the baggage that is holding them back (like allergies, stress, difficult relationships), improve their self-esteem and shift from surviving, to thriving.

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