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While You Sleep

Did you know that allergies (including sensitivities) often stunts the growth and development of your child, because of limited absorption of nutrients (even if you give your child vitamin and mineral supplements.)
Do you have enough of the blocked sinuses, itchy eyes, eczema and other allergy symptoms?
Would you like to get relief from these symptoms without avoiding foods and other substances (allergens)?
With the Allergy Relief Apphimations it is possible!

You might be skeptical and even think that this is a hoax, because allergies are a physical condition.
I can’t blame you for wondering how this app can work. Let me explain.
Did you know that allergies and sensitivities are caused by our body misinterpreting allergens as a threat?
​With our revolutionary product you re-educate your subconscious mind to be in harmony with these allergens, so that your symptoms reduce and even disappear in less than 60 days! We give you a money back guarantee (terms and conditions apply)!
All you need is a device that connects with the internet.

Go the the User Guide to know how to get our web-based App on your phone.

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What You Get In The Allergy Relief Set

A 01 Releasing your Fear
02 Allergy Release
A3 New Inner World
A 04 Allergy to Yourself
A 05 Parents of child with Allergies
B 2 Protein
B 3 Calcium
​B 4 Vitamin C
B 5 Vitamin B
B 6 Sugars, and much more

In part 1 of these video series you will learn what allergies are and what you can do to prevent forming new allergies.

In part 2 we are going explore the link between stress and allergies, what causes stress and how you can reduce stress in your life!

In part 3 we are going to explore what you can do to find permanent allergy relief, without avoidance and diets.



Shane’s son used to get strong reactions from mosquito bites. This is was she has to say after listening to Allergy Relief Apphirmations.

Seanna, is 2.5 years old . She used to be allergic to milk allergy and citrus fruit. She would get a tight chest with flue type symptoms with a lot of mucus. She would get a rash on her bum and a very runny stomach.  Since she has listened to the Allergy Apphirmations, Seanna has been eating oranges and naartjies this winter without problems.  She also ate ice cream without reaction.

J is 80+ years old . She used to see red and had sinus problems.After listening to the Allergy Apphirmations, her symptoms have disappeared.

Colin Sandross used to very tactile defensive. This is what he had to say after listening to the Allergy Relief Apphirmations.

Andrea Riem I was telling our neighbor about the Allergy Relief Set yesterday and did the muscle check on my husband Darren for electronic devices. He is now strong while coming into contact with mobile devices. This is great because he works with electronics all the time. The neighbours (who hadn’t listened to the Apphirmations) were weakened by holding their mobile devices. Amazing – and that’s with Darren not knowing what the affirmations are for. He is also a lot calmer less stressed.

Cayleigh my 8 year old daughter wants to listen to it before she goes to sleep and while she is sleeping to make her feel better.
Kids are so intuitive so I see that as a compliment – and she wants it loud enough to hear it – with our music.

It’s really an amazing tool – thank you.