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Confident You Apphirmations

Would you like to let go of:

  • Abusive relationships
  • Low self-esteem


Would you like to be confident without:

  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Suicidal thoughts

Anxiety is debilitating, can steal your confidence and quality of life.
Serious depression, if left unchecked, can lead to self-harm or suicide
Abuse and anxiety also go hand in hand. It is vital that abuse issues are also addressed.

Don’t despair, we have a solution FOR YOU!

With the Confident You Apphirmations your subconscious programming will change.
In time, your whole outlook on life will start to become more positive.
You’ll be able to develop healthy relationships with others and, most importantly, yourself.



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The abuse started after I lost my job.  A few days ago I had to go to the clinic, after my husband had beaten me. I started playing the Confident You Apphirmations while my husband and I are sleeping. Within a few days, I noticed that he is calmer and getting better. I haven’t seen this behaviour in him before! I am also coping better.


The Confident You Apphirmations

Let us assist you with building your confidence, while releasing your depression and anxiety. Let’s build your self-confidence in relationships and turn your abusive relationships into supportive ones.

Would you like to be more confident? Would you like to know that you can handle what is in front of you?

Anxiety is debilitating and can steal your confidence and quality of life.
Depression can be deadly if you don’t get help.

Abuse and anxiety also go hand in hand. It is vital that abuse issues are also addressed.


What causes depression and anxiety?

Our emotions are not caused by events, but by our interpretation of these events. Our subconscious programming (beliefs), create the glasses we look through, as we look at the events.

Unresolved trauma, shape our beliefs and play a huge role in causing depression and anxiety. The problem is that we often cannot remember those traumas. Many of these traumas happened between conception and age seven.

Did you know that memories of traumas and the beliefs they formed, are passed on to future generations? This means that much of our programming is inherited. This makes it even harder to use traditional methods to resolve these traumas and reprogram our beliefs.

When we have an emotion, we produce neuro-peptides which are of a similar structure as opiates. This causes that emotions, including depression and anxiety can become addictive. When searching for a solution, make sure that these addictions are also addressed.

    What causes abuse and what can we do to stop it?

    The amount of abuse we see in South Africa and the world has reached epidemic proportions and any form of abuse is totally unacceptable. No matter how we behave, it doesn’t give another person the right to abuse us. Even if we are abusive towards ourselves, doesn’t mean that the other person has the right t be abusive!

    The complexity of Abuse

    Abuse is a complex issue. We firstly need to realise that every perpetrator has been a victim somewhere in their past. Only hurt people hurt others. If we were a victim of abuse, we are more likely to become a perpetrator of abuse, or we are attracted to an abusive partner, because we are attracted to situations that feel familiar.


    If we want the abuse to stop, we want to replace the cycle of victim – abuser with a cycle of healing through forgiveness. This is how the frequency of abuse can reduce by itself and hopefully one day stop completely.

    How to find a solution to abuse?

    If we want to find a solution to the abuse in our life, we need to acknowledge that we are also part of the problem, because if we were not there with that person, the abuse could not have taken place. (Remember this is not about blaming!)

    When we are in a relationship with another person (This person can be anyone from the stranger we just met, to a family member, to the person we have an intimate relationship with) there is an action-reaction interaction. In other words, our behaviour does affect the other person. In all interactions, the following applies. The way others treat us is an reflection of the way we treat ourselves. (I am here, referring to adults). As I mentioned before, this doesn’t give the other the right to be abusive!

    Over the years where we have taught courses and done many consultations. When a person learns to treat themselves with the respect they want from others, the abuse stops naturally, even without leaving the perpetrator.


    We have a solution for you!

    With The Confident You Apphirmations your experience of the world really improves. This is possible because The Confident You Apphirmations reprogram many of your self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs. They also address the addiction issues.

    Do you want to stop reliving your trauma, over and over again?

    We relive our trauma because we are in survival mode. Our potential is limited, and it erodes the quality of life. The New You Apphirmations will switch your from surviving to thriving. They make you feel coherent and integrated. This enables the healing process.

    Do you want the (self-) abuse to stop?

    The New You Apphirmations, will make you feel good about yourself. They enable you to accept (and even love) yourself as you are. When you feel good about yourself, the self-abuse stops naturally. If you play the New You Apphirmations, while the abuse perpetrator is with you, they also will heal their hurt. As you heal, the abuse will stop.

    Our Apphirmations App creates excellent results

    We have seen amazing results with our other Apphirmations, so now we have created the From Confident You Apphirmations. When we listen to them while we are sleeping we replace the subconscious programming of being unworthy, expecting life to be a struggle and more with programs where we are and feel worthy, where we have the right to speak up and more

    Reprogramming our beliefs takes some time, so it is important to listen to these Apphirmations for at least three weeks, but six weeks is even better, because it takes between 21-42 days to change a habit.

    I used to be a drug addict and I was in prostitution to support the drug habit. I have been in rehab before, but I have relapsed 3x. I am clean now and I live in a safe house.

    The Abuse to Respect Apphirmations are really working for me. I can really tell that I’m not the same anymore, I don’t reason the same.  I’m believing more in my self worth, I’m loving myself more and spending more time with myself. I feel the fear of not making it, faded away. I don’t entertain lawlessness especially when old friends want my attention. I am stronger mentally and emotionally since started listening to the Abuse to Respect Apphirmations.

    Rosetta Stuurman

    Do you need extra support?

    If you need extra support, come for coaching. We are experts in identifying and releasing your (inherited) traumas.

    You can book a free 45 min coaching session where we will:

    1. Identify the life you want to live.
    2. Explore what could possibly slow you down or even prevent you from creating this life.
    3. Create a plan for you to move forward. This will give you new energy for moving forward.

    ​What results can you expect?

    You will feel more relaxed.
    You handle your challenges better
    Your quality of life improves.

    Abuse stops naturally