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Immune System Apphirmations

  • Are you tired of feeling like you’re always ill?

  • Fed up of taking sick days off work, or having to miss out on social engagements?

  • Would you like your body to be able to fight off viral infections more frequently?

Just because there are viruses threatening our health all the time, it doesn’t mean you have to succumb to them. How healthy we are generally determines the performance of our immune systems and, subsequently, plays a massive part in how frequently we fall ill.

Psycho-Neuro-Immunology is a new science which focuses on how we can use the mind to improve our immune system. To put it simply: because you can learn here how to change stress levels with your thoughts – so in time, because you’re less stressed, this will have a positive effect on the body’s immunity, and you’ll have a far better chance of staying healthy and well.

Our Immune System Apphirmations can help you with this. For optimal results play them day and night, or as often as you can, just audible (like a soft whisper). Each day you play a different set. Through subliminal messages and repetition, the subconscious programming will be changed. If you want to hear more clearly then please feel free to turn up the sound.

DISCLAIMER: We are not claiming our Apphirmations will cure or prevent your illnesses. If you have symptoms always contact a medical practitioner and follow the protocols in your country. These Apphirmations are complementary to regular health practices.

Immune System Apphirmations
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Immune  System Apphirmations Testimonials

Sarah had to cancel her appointment with me, because she was not feeling well. She listened to Immune Booster Apphirmations for nearly 24 hours and the next day she was ready to reschedule the missed appointment. Watch this short video to hear how her voice changed overnight.

Sarah van den Heever

Beauty Therapist

My friend’s friend in India had lost his smell and had a slight temperature. He tested positive for Covid-19. He was panicking. That night I told him to start listening to day 1 of the Immune System Apphirmations and play them continuously. The next day he was much calmer, his temperature returned back to normal, and he did not develop any other symptoms. Three days later his smell is starting to return.

But then he made a turn for the worst. The next day he started to cough and was panicking again. They contacted me and we put him on the day 2 of the Immune System Apphirmations. Within 24 hours the cough stopped and his smell is almost back to normal. 

Kishor Chandra

I am Emile’s wife and I had a headache and my whole body was aching. Normally when I have symptoms this severe, I end up going to the doctor. I started listening to the Immune System Apphirmations, together with my husband. Within a few days, I recovered completely without any medical assistance. This had never happened to me before!

Candice Saad-Huntley

I came to work with a runny nose and I could feel I was getting ill. At work I started listening to the Immune System Apphirmations. The next day I was feeling 100%. I have not developed any more symptoms.

Maryna Fouche

I had a headache because I wasn’t sleeping well. Normally if I continued not sleeping well, I would get a cold. I listened to the Immune System Apphirmations and even though the next night I slept again only 3-4 hours, I was amazed at how refreshed I felt and without a headache!

Many months later, I did contract Covid. I listened to the Immune system Apphirmations day 1 -day 5. For 3 days, I was tired  and had a slight temperature of 37.2 degrees Celcius. After that, my energy returned and was feeling my old self again. I had lost my smell completely. That took a few weeks to return fully.

Hanna Kok

The beginning of March, I had all the Covid-19 symptoms, cough, runny stomach, trouble breathing and a high temperature. I wasn’t tested for Covid-19, because tests were not readily available and still very expensive. I was sent home with an antibiotic; in case it was something else. my condition did not improve for three days.  I planned to go to the hospital on day four, if I didn’t improve overnight.

I started listening to the immune Booster Apphirmations on the end of day three. By the morning of day four, I was feeling significantly better, so I didn’t go to hospital. Within 3 days I was symptom free and I am still is symptom free.

Emile Saad

I was sick with flu. I started listening to the Immune System Apphirmations and within 3 days, I was better. Normally it would take me 3 weeks to recover.

Christiaan Kok

My husband Trevor and I had been in contact with Emile and Candice a number of times. To keep us healthy, we also started listening to the Immune Booster Apphirmations. To this day, we never developed any symptoms.

Christina Huntley

I was not feeling well. I had flu like symptoms. I had to chair an important meeting the next day and I was afraid that I would miss the meeting, because I was feeling terrible. I started listening to the Immune System Apphirmations and within 24 Ifelt so much better. And I manage to chair the meeting perfectly. I did not develop any flu symptoms after that.

Serisha Moodley

The Immune System Apphirmations assisted me with relieving my flu symptoms from the first day of using the App. After just 3 hours of sleep and the app playing in the background, I could already feel that my sinuses and chest were not so tight. After 3 full days of using the app I was back to normal and I didn’t need to take antibiotics.

Samantha van Zyl