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  • Are you struggling with Maths and Science?
  • Does your inability to maths and science inhibit your future opportunities?
  • Would you like to do well in these subjects?

Our ability to do maths and science is directly linked to our beliefs about these subjects. These Apphirmations replace the self-sabotaging beliefs about maths and science with supportive ones. We have seen significant increases in marks.


Why do so many children struggle with maths and science?
What can we do about making it easier for them to learn maths and science?

Why are children struggling with maths and science?

After speaking to maths and science teachers and also reading a number of articles, I have seen there are three major causes. This doesn’t imply that there could be more. We are only addressing the three.

  1. Beliefs children have about maths and science and their abilities to do those subjects.
  2. Children are lacking a proper foundation of the maths and science basics. ​Children are moving from one grade to another without a proper understanding of maths and science, because teachers don’t have the time to ensure that all children understand what has been taught. Gaps in the foundation, cause bigger problems in the higher grades.
  3. The child has general concentration issues and/or learning problems.

Our solutions:

1. Apphirmations

Beliefs play a huge role in how we create our lives. Our choices and actions are triggered by them. When children have beliefs like, maths and science are hard and/or boring, they are not going to put in much effort into those subjects.
If on the other hand, they believe they can do it and the subjects are interesting, they will learn easier.

We, at The Life You Want have now created specialised Apphirmations to help kids change their beliefs about maths and science, so that they can grasp maths and science quicker and easier. They can listen to the Apphirmations subliminally, combined with music of their choice, in order to reprogram the subconscious beliefs.

2. Brain Gym®

When teachers learn how to do Brain Gym exercises with the children daily, we have seen that marks go up 10% and more.  When teachers and/or parents learn the Neuro Integration Movements, they have a great tool kit, to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase the joy of learning.

We teach the Brain Gym courses under the umbrella of Brain Gym in South Africa. They are accredited with ETDP SETA and SACE, so teachers can get their CPTD points by attending our training.


3. Solutions for General Concentration Issues

If a learner has general concentration problems like ADD/ADHD, dislexia or something else, we do have serveral possible solutions. This will require a multi facetted approach in order to find a permanent drug-free solution. You can read about those on our ADD/ADHD page.


4. Bonus Visualisations

When we can envision success, we can achieve it. With this Maths & Science set, you now also receive two bonus visualisations. If we can believe we can learn easily, we will enjoy it more. When we trust ourselves during exams, we are less likely to go blank. Now we can put even during exams on paper, what we have learnt.
– One Visualisation is for effective learning.
– The other one is for being successful during the exams.

Rita had played the Maths & Science Apphirmations audibly from her phone in the classroom. This is what she had to say.


The kids were definitely more relaxed, focused and successful!!They understood the work easily!! MATHS. They were very focused with their English writing work too. I also was very peaceful. Relaxed. Feeling happy.

I played it on cellphone. Normal volume as TV is on .. Not turning it down. We worked with focus.

One girl sometimes when she feel unhappy ignored me…. Today this happened again after break time. (I CAME in with photos the kids ordered and paid.) … SHE IGNORED ME!!! While busy doing a lesson…

When I realized I put the app on again and go on with my signing it really calms me down…
And she join in… Later she asked if she can bring photo money I realized that that makes her act that way (she didn’t ordered a photo)

So it really works for me!!
And I believe for her too!!

I just use PACE with a performance.. It made them more relaxed me too But I think with Apphirmations they were more focused.

The amazing part of the story is that there children in class were DEAF!

Rita Meintjies – Special Needs Teacher

My children listened to the Maths and Science Apphirmations on their way to school each day for 2-3 weeks.

My daughter’s maths mark went from 30% to 58%. This is an 93% improvement. Her best in 2 years. She said that when she looked at the paper she could have gotten 67%. because she rushed through one section. Despite knowing the answers, she only gave part of the answer.
My son is saying that he finds now that division is simple.

I think my eldest daughter will also get a Natural Science and Geography award this year. Her mark has been the highest so far.

Rehana Cajee

My son listened to the maths and Science Apphirmations. He had to write a 4-hour admission test to get into the school of his choice. When he came back from his assessment he said that some questions (maths) he had problems before, he could solve much better. He was successful with his admission test and could enroll in the school of his choice. 


My daughter has been struggling with Maths for a few years now. Her last test mark was 22% and she had 37% on her report.
Within a week of listening the Maths and Science Apphirmations, her all attitude towards Maths changed. When she wrote her next test, she had 50%.
She hasn’t had a mark like that in years.


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Math & Science Apphirmations



Listening to the Apphirmations for all ages

Especially youngsters like to listen to music. You can play OUR Apphirmations with music of YOUR choice on your computer! 

See how to combine the Apphirmations with music on your computer

This will also help prevent children from falling behind in maths in science, especially during the foundation phase.
Going for extra lessons, or getting a tutor will also assist greately.

You can order the Maths and Science Apphirmations from the Apphirmations Store.
If you have any problems with buying them from the website, please send us an email at

We also have created an Optimal Learning Set for improving concentration and learning in general and improving our memory.

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