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Apphirmations for Realtors


As a Realtor, do you want to:

  • Continue being profitable, even when the market is slow?
  • Do you want to create happy clients, by successfully matching up buyers and sellers?

We have a solution for you!

Creating the Realtors Mindset

The mindset of the estate agent plays a big role in his or her ability to be and stay in business, especially when the economy is slow. When we are confident, we can come up with creative solutions. We can also tap into our intuition to create that perfect seller-buyer match. 

The Apphirmations for Realtors have been created with the help of experienced realtors who have been in business for years. 

But that is not enough to sell or rent out property. 

Creating the X-factor in a Property

The atmosphere in a property, also plays a huge role. How does a prospective buyer feel when they visit a property? When we walk into a building, we pick up the vibe. This vibe is created by the emotions and activities that took place there. Blessing a place regularly, aid to creating a wonderful vibe. This is the reason why we have included the Atmosphere Apphirmations in this package.  You play them in the property, while it is in the market. They create a wonderful atmosphere in the building. 

sold property


How does it feel when you enter a place of worship?

We can sense the vibe of a place. If we want to sell a property, it will be beneficial if it has a wonderful vibe.

How does it feel when you enter a place where there was torture?