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Wealth Mindset Apphirmations


  • Do you sometimes experience financial highs and lows?

  • Are you stuck financially – feel that you’ve reached your ceiling? 

  • Have you ever sabotaged your money-making opportunities?

Our subconscious beliefs /programming plays a huge role in our wealth in all areas of our life. The Wealth Mindset Apphirmations, changes our internal world, so that the external can change too.

Change Your Mind – Change Your Prosperity

Our subconscious beliefs / programming plays a huge role in our wealth, actually, in all areas of our life. The Wealth Mindset Apphirmations changes our internal world, so that the external can change too. We won’t promise you overnight wealth, but what we can say is that if you follow our Wealth Mindset online course (our app can help too), your sense of wellbeing will improve; soon you’ll be feeling happier – and a happy brain is more creative – which leads to more confidence. The happier and more confident you feel, the easier it is to think big and go after bigger goals.

Believe in Yourself

Our wealth can also be directly linked to our beliefs about how valuable we are. When we recognise  our value, we can pass that on to others. This makes it easier to go for bigger opportunities. Go to our blog post to read about how to make it easier to value yourself. You can also watch the first three videos of our Wealth Mindset course.

Learn How to Change Your Wealth Reality

The way we perceive everything is all controlled by our brain, not just on a visual sense but also how we think. For example, if we believe our earnings to be worth X-amount per month then we now become aware and attracted to opportunities that will give us that figure. However, if we think we are worth Y-amount, then that is what we will only notice.

With that in mind (pardon the pun!), we can safely say that if we change our beliefs about money, we are likely to change our choices and actions – this will affect our level of wealth.

If you sign up for our Apphirmations Lite membership, you will get access to these Apphirmations and more. The New You Apphirmations will build your confidence and self-belief.