Are your PERIODS a nightmare?

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> Four out of 10 women struggle with their periods. Are you one of them or do you know someone?


> Do your periods rule your life?

When women plan their appointments and activities around their menstruation, their periods rule their life.


> Do you need prescription strength painkillers that time of the month?

Period pains can be so agonising that you are crawling on the floor or want to just lie in the fetal position. That pain might last 1-2 weeks a month. You feel bloated and super uncomfortable. Only prescription strength painkillers alleviate that pain. Your partner and friends feel helpless because they cannot take away your agony.

Are you the family’s biggest nightmare, that time of the month?

When you are in pain, you easily become irrational and feel misunderstood. Your partner can do nothing right. And before you know it, you find yourself constantly yelling at your partner and kids. They wish you would move to a deserted island during that time of the month.

Are you a mess at work?

Women with period problems can miss 2-5 days of work every month. They are too emotional.

Menstrual problems are costing you missed promotions and opportunities.

exhasted and whiped out

Are you feeling

exhausted, wiped out, with no energy?

Are you bleeding for days or even weeks?
When the bleeding is heavy, you will dread long business meetings. It is so embarrassing when you stain through your clothes, in public.

You have tried everything,


  • You are suffering so much that you are considering a hysterectomy, even if you are still young.
  • You take taking hormones even if they come with side-effects.
  • You use prescription strength painkillers, even if you don’t like using them.

No need to suffer!

Open the door to your new life!

Here is a glimpse of your new life.

  • Feeling exhausted is a thing from the past
  • Vitality is your new normal.
  • Can you imagine being pain free, NOT SUFFERING AT ALL?
  • And your periods become a celebration as part of being a woman,
  • Imagine yourself going after your goals, carefree and with enthusiasm!

This is possible! Women have turned their life around, in less than three months of working with me, with my drug (hormone) free and surgical free program.

Success Story – Nicoline Jooste – a Major in the Army

bush toilet

Major Jooste’s Periods from Hell

Heavy bleeding would last for 5-11 days. Being in the field was a nightmare. She had no access to clean water or toilets. She only had a spade and the bush.

  • Her migraines were so bad that she had to carry an epi-pen.
  • She was on a high dose of blood pressure medication and diuretics.
  • She suffered from dust allergies for 18 years, which forced her to take allergy medication daily.
  • She was a major from hell during that time of the month.
  • Nobody could do anything right.
  • She would miss work, because the pain was so bad that she had to lie down. And she had no energy. But if it lasted more than 5 days, she would get into trouble for missing work.

Working in a predominantly male environment, made her feel depressed in insecure, that time of the month.

gynaecologist had diagnosed her with stage 4 of endometriosis. He was treating her, but nothing really helped. She was still on a lot of medication. She had the Marena IUD, to curb the bleeding. But the bleeding was still bad.

bush toilet

Major Jooste said
“In 3 months, my periods went from hell to heaven!”

Within 3 months of working with me, Nicoline:

  • Is in charge of her life.
  • Bleeding has stopped completely. (That is normal if you have the Marena IUD.)
  • Has so much energy, that she is even surprised.
  • Her field trips are a breeze.
  • Has no more migraines.
  • Is off all allergy medication.

The strength of other medications dropped by more than 90%.
The gynecologist was amazed and surprised how the pain had disappeared and how much weight she had lost. She doesn’t need to see him again for her endometriosis. (Unless she has an unexpected flare-up)

Nicoline Jooste is happy

with her miraculous results. She is openly sharing her story, to inspire others to take charge of their life too.

Be pain free

Be drug free

Be misery free

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Who is Hanna Kok?

I am Hanna Kok, The Happy Ever After Coach. My clients have seen miraculous results with their health issues. These include menstruation problems, incontinence, and allergies. They have overcome depression and anxiety, tamed their temper, resolved relationships problems – including ending domestic violence. (I only need to work with one person who is involved in the conflict.)

I am a qualified Educational Kinesiologist, Allergy Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. I have over 25 years’ experience in working with the mind-body connection. I’ve seen how unresolved emotional issues get stuck in the body and cause dis-ease, which turns into disease. And I have witnessed how the body can heal itself, after these emotions are released.

I combined my formal education together with my own innovative and unique techniques to release these unresolved emotions in a non-invasive and safe way. This means that when we deal with trauma, you don’t need to share what happened. We don’t rehash the past. We hardly talk about your emotions, yet you will still release them. I have taught these techniques to coaches, social workers, and other practitioners.

I grew-up in the Netherlands, where I qualified as a chemistry and biology teacher. In 1984 I moved to a rural village in Lesotho. Here I learnt to deal with life in an innovative way because we were far away from shops and medical facilities. In 1997 I moved to South Africa.


My clients have seen miraculous results with their health issues. These include menstruation problems, incontinence, and allergies. My clients have overcome depression and anxiety, tamed their temper, resolved relationships problems – including ending domestic violence.  

However, I am not a medical professional. As the Happy Ever After coach, I am not providing healthcare, mental healthcare, medical, or nutritional therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue. 

Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical advice because of information you read in this article. Do not start or stop any medications without speaking to your medical or mental health provider.