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has done work with employees at some leading South African corporations including Premier Foods & Builders Express

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What Makes us Tick?

  1. Why do you thrive when you perform certain tasks?
  2. Why are you only surviving in other situations, even though you know exactly what to do?
  3. What can you do to turn your surviving into thriving?

Our Brain Organisation and Beliefs

Our performance is driven by our brain organisation and beliefs. Let us analyse your Brain Organisation in different situations and show you how to have Optimal Brain Organisation for optimal performance. We also will assist you in identifying your self-sabotaging emotions, beliefs and habits and replace them with supportive ones.

Team Tune-up

Trying to work effectively with a stressed brain is as impossible as driving fast with three flat tires. Switching the whole brain on with our specialised program, is like repairing those flat tires.

If you want to prevent car troubles, it is important to service a car on a regular basis. The same applies to your team. Giving your team a regular Team-Tune-Up prevents reduced performance.

How does it work?

When we are stressed, our pre-frontal lobes, switch off up to 86% according to Dr. Carla Hannaford PhD. Have you noticed the following behaviour when you are stressed?

  • It is difficult to solve problems effectively,
  • It is difficult to be creative,
  • It is difficult to be a team player, etc.

In the 90 minute Team-Tune-Up we:

  • Identify the causes of stress.
  • We notice how it affects the body
  • Switch the whole brain on again
  • Notice the changes

Each Team-Tune-Up workshop is tailor-made to the unique needs of your team, making each workshop is different. It is highly recommended to take your team through the Team-Tune-Up regularly, to prevent many stress related problems.

Educational Kinesiology in Business

Our corporate training courses offer great benefits for today’s business professional. We offer tools and courses to improve sales performance as well as managerial skills.

Stress is a killer in today’s high pressure business environment. By de-stressing one can often perform better in a far more positive frame of mind. Edu-k for business offers professionals strategies to manage their stress levels more effectively, enhancing their performance and productivity. Stress-free living makes for a better life not only for yourself but for those around you too.

Our qualified trainers can come to your office for a unique seminar that will motivate your employees and enhance their performance. Our proven corporate training courses will boost your employees as well as your bottom line!

Corporate Management Training Course

We find ourselves in a difficult economic period. Having well-trained, effective managers managing your people is more important today than it has ever been. But knowing the theory of how to manage effectively is much different than actually applying that knowledge in day to day situations.

Our corporate management training course is for you if you have the desire to Switch on your Brain for Management, so that you can effectively apply the management knowledge you have.

ETDP-SETA Accredited courses

Brain Gym in South Africa is accredited with the ETDP-SETA. Many of our courses carry SETA accreditation which means that when you make use of our training, you can use it in your Workplace Skills Plan to claim money back from the skills levies you’ve paid.

Corporate Sales Training Course

Our highly qualified team training professionals will come to your office to present our corporate sales training courses to your sales team. We teach them strategies for handling stress and effective time management as well as the application of knowledge they already have. Our sales training program will motivate your sales team and increase profits!

Everybody sells something. We sell ideas, time, services and/or products. This course is for those who want to Switch the Brain on for all aspects of Selling, so that you apply the sales knowledge you have. As a business owner or a sales manager, you know that it’s critical to the future of your business that your sales team is performing effectively to bring in the sales you need to drive your business forward.

Make sure you are giving your sales team every tool you can to achieve that goal. Our corporate sales training program is the boost your team needs!

Team Building

If you’re looking for a form of team-building that is different from the traditional, then invite a practitioner to do a group balance. Here the group will set the goals they want to achieve as a group.
We will take the group through a specialised program, to make it easy for the group members to work towards those goals together and accomplish them as a team.

Corporate Management Training
& Sales Training


Testimonial from an employee at Premier Foods after a Team Tune-up session

Making use of Hanna Kok and her training has definitely increased our profits.

Marc Schmit – CEO of Adecco South Africa

Here are some of the floor managers of Builders Express had to say after attending our Management Training Course:

“It is the first time that I can look back on our South African history with eyes of forgiveness”

“It showed me how to manage problems differently towards difficult customers and how to approach the staff in the positive manner”

“The acceptance of yourself, Learn how to treat and accept others with their differences. Course really worth every minute.”

“Creating a new self belief in the working environment and life”

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Corporate Management Training & Sales Training