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“Imagine you are climbing up a ladder. A dog is biting your ankles. What do you do? Do you stop to kick the dog or continue climbing the ladder?” (Maria Montessori)

  • Are you fighting with someone or something? – You are kicking the dog.
  • Do you feel stuck, not know what to do next? – The dog got hold of you.
  • Are you afraid and worried? – You are focusing on the dog,

Do you want to climb the ladder out of the dog’s reach, so that life is fun again? Then it is time to focus on your personal growth.

Do you want a guide for your Personal Growth journey, instead of learning through trial and error? If yes, and you have never worked with Hanna Kok before, book your 30 min free introduction coaching session.

Out-climb the dog

There is little doubt that our mental and emotional well-being lies at the very heart of our lives. When we are reeling from depression, grief, worry about finances or stressing about difficult relationships it impacts every aspect of our ability to function effectively.

You are not alone. Everyone experiences challenges in life that foster negative ideas and beliefs about ourselves. These grow and inhibit our ability to pull ourselves out of the abyss of self doubt and negativity. This inevitably leads to depression which again reinforces these negative ideas and beliefs in a negative self-reinforcing spiral that feels impossible to break as we sink deeper into the hole.

Consultations with Hanna Kok can be done face-to-face at her consulting rooms, telephonically or via the internet on zoom. Using Zoom she is able to consult with clients from all over the world and teach us how to release the negative perspectives that sink us into the hole of depression and helplessness. She works with people on a wide range of subjects.

Hanna Kok subscribes to a drug-free approach to mental and emotional health, including ADD and ADHD. Her techniques draw on decades of experience in wellbeing therapy. She has qualifications in a variety of techniques. She’s one of the world’s leading  Educational Kinesiologists and and has also studied NAET allergy therapy and THETA healing in depth. She is often called on to speak at international wellness symposiums and to present course content for Educational Kinesiology courses all over the world. She’s helped hundreds of people overcome their depression and stress and empower them to live a life in joy, peace and love – She can help you too.

In consultations Hanna Kok helps to reprogram your body at the deepest level, making change feel easy and natural. You will be amazed to see the results. Your deepest sub-conscious beliefs about wealth, relationships, food, yourself and a host of other factors, directly affect how you attract (or repel) the outcomes you want. In short, when Hanna Kok helps you repair the “short circuits” in your beliefs you will free yourself to achieve your goals and dreams.

There are times when the client cannot attend the consultation. This is when Hanna does a distance consultation for the client. She sends the client the report after the session.


When I walked into Hanna’s office for the first time I was depressed, filled with anxiety and overwhelmed by the world around me. I had unknowingly conditioned my mind and my body into believing that I was not worthy of life. Within 3 sessions only, Hanna helped me transform my way of thinking by teaching me how to turn my “roller coaster living” into the flow of a calm river. She taught me how to manage the turbulence, and how to nourish the diversity and life within the water. She helped me to let go of my past, enjoy the present, and create dreams for my future! Without Hanna I would have never gotten the opportunity to live the life I am now. I am no longer just surviving, I am thriving! Hanna Kok saved my life, literally.

Taylor Griffiths


For a year and a half I contemplated following a particular path of study. I played around with this idea in my head,I researched it,made inquiries about it,but did nothing about it. For a further six months,having decided I really wanted to pursue this path,I procrastinated repeatedly about actually applying for it. I had all the information in my head but couldn’t focus to apply it and move forward with it. I was very ‘stuck’ . I had one distance session with Hanna,and that very afternoon I had my personal statement and CV down on paper and the application sent! Nice as you like! It simply flowed out of me onto the application form! After two years of mixed emotions and procrastination! A very amazing experience !

I got (un asked for)feedback from the admissions officer,she said that the format for my CV  was great and that my personal statement was excellent! And the admissions office in London even commented on my references,said they were wonderful too!

A very powerful session all round! Can’t thank you enough ! xx

Thank you Hanna!

Morag Gregoriou


If you feel like you’re drowning and can’t seem to save yourself,

you need to book a consultation with Hanna K:

I enjoyed Hanna’s sessions greatly. She is an incredible and inspiring woman who is passionate about her work. I have learnt so much from her in the little time that I know her and I am grateful for the opportunity of having worked with her. She helped me on my path of healing and empowered me to change my belief systems which has changed my life. 
Thank you Hanna for being the great woman that you are and may you grow from strength to strength. heart

Farah Manjoo 

I have been working with Hanna K for about 6 months now and OMW I had no idea how many negative beliefs I was bashing myself with every minute of every day.  Since I have been seeing Hanna my business income has improved, people treat me the way I want to be treated and my whole outlook on life is a hopeful, joyful one – I am simply a nicer person to be around.  I have been off anti-depressants for 5 months now and never felt better.  Thank you so much Hanna for changing my life heart


Depression, Anxiety & Grief

Grief over a lost loved one, depression and anxiety can be debilitating. A consultation can teach you how to go from surviving to thriving – love, peace and joy can return to your life.

ADD, ADHD & Learning

Do you or your child suffer from ADD, ADHD or other learning difficulties? Hanna K can teach you to overcome these conditions drug-free and repair both you and your child’s self-esteem.

Abundant Living & Wealth

Struggling to find a job? Reeling from a bankruptcy or other financial difficulties? Hanna K can teach you how to deal with the stress of financial adversity and how to attract wealth back into your life.

Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem affects all of us from time to time, but there is hope. You can live a life of joy, peace and love today, Hanna K will show you how – it’s easier than you think!

Overwhelming Stress

Stress and worry can take over your life – work stress, family stress, financial worry and difficult relationships can keep you from success and joy. Hanna K will help you to get back to thriving.

Toxic Relationships

We all sometimes have difficult relationships, a belligerent boss, difficult children, controlling parents, a partner who doesn’t understand or support you. Find your way forward with Hanna K.

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