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Have you ever noticed how you feel when you walk into a building or room? Some make you feel so good, while others make you feel terrible. Why is that?
The more a place is blessed and visited by happy people, the better the atmosphere. Our Atmosphere Apphirmations, removes the negative energy from the room and replaces it with blessings. This way we create a wonderful atmosphere, which is conducive to creating happiness.


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Atmosphere Apphirmations – What will you get?

You will have access to 5 different Apphirmations. Each one will assist in creating a wonderful and safe atmosphere.ย  With these Apphirmations you are spraying blessings where you are playing these Apphirmations, thus changing the energy in the room and building. Criminals are attracted to people who operate from fear instead of love. By creating love within ourselves and our home, we become less attractive to criminals and so we create safety. We have made the audio files as small as possible, which has affected the quality of the audio a little bit. As you will be listening to them as soft whispers, you will not notice the quality. We have included silent gaps between the Apphirmations to enhance their effectiveness. Below you will find an audio sample, which includes Apphirmations from the different Apphirmations.

The Atmosphere Apphirmations include the following:

  1. Optimal work-space โ€“ 8:55
  2. Spiritual Reset โ€“ 15:43
  3. Overcoming addiction โ€“ 8:23
  4. Safety โ€“ 4:26
  5. Balanced Mind Body System โ€“ 39:58

1 review for Atmosphere

  1. karen.mays28

    Thank you for my Atmosphere Apphirmations. I listen to them in the background while I am working. I love that the soundtrack is gentle and non-invasive. I feel quite relaxed listening to them, but at the same time, I can work and focus, allowing them to do there work subliminally. I especially like the “white space” between each apphirmation, giving time and space for each apphirmation to sink in.

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