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Overcome Addictions Apphirmations

  • Are you or a loved one addicted to a substance, habits and/or drama
    – for example: drugs, alcohol, smoking, sugar, shopping, gambling or having problems all the time.


    Would you like to become free of the addiction by addressing the root cause?


    To break free from your addiction, you first need to realise there are three key factors behind it that need to resolved:


    1. Your genes (yes, addictive behaviour can be inherited)
    2. Unresolved trauma.
    3. Allergies

The Holistic Addiction Solution

It’s important to realise that letting go of an addiction is very difficult without some support.

However, our Overcoming addictions Apphirmations are a great way to start
you on your healing journey – and then, when you’re ready, you can reach out for further professional help that will treat your emotional wounds and pain which are, most likely, the real reasons behind your addictive behaviour.

Overcoming Addiction

What results to expect?

Our clients who listened to the Overcoming Addiction Apphirmations, experienced the following results:

  • They feel calmer
  • They can handle life better
  • They can handle the withdrawal symptoms easier
  • They crave the substance less

    What is included in the Overcome Addiction Apphirmations?

    You will have access to 30 different Apphirmations, which are put into 30 different playlists. Each playlist will assist in releasing the addictive behaviour. You might have to combine these Apphirmations with a few individual consultations to address your specific issues. We have made the audio files as small as possible, which has affected the quality of the audio a little bit. As you will be listening to them as soft whispers, you will not notice the quality. We have included silent gaps between the Apphirmations to enhance their effectiveness. Below you will find an audio sample, which includes Apphirmations from the different Apphirmations.

    The Addiction Apphirmations include the following Apphirmations:

    1. Overcome Addictions – 8:23
    2. Releasing Fear – 8:06
    3. General allergies – 8:48
    4. New Inner World – 4:40
    5. Allergy for Self – 14:09
    6. Message for Parents – 9:21
    7. Balanced Mind Body System – 39:58
    8. Protein – 5:07
    9. Calcium – 4:37
    10. Vitamin C – 7:46
    11. Vitamin B – 5:36
    12. Sugars – 8:23
    13. Iron – 5:16
    14. Vitamin A – 5:21
    15. Lipids – 7:00
    16. Minerals – 8:22
    17. Carbohydrates – 7:08
    18. Acid – 6:26
    19. Base – 9:08
    20. Yeast & Fungi – 7:03
    21. Hormones – 8:27
    22. Organs – 6:53
    23. Animal Dander – 4:49
    24. People – 11:09
    25. Inhalants – 12:36
    26. Emotions – 8:17
    27. Contactants – 8:26
    28. Injectants – 8:41
    29. Milk & Dairy – 5:27
    30. Viruses, Bacteria & Parasites – 9:44
    • Do you or your loved ones struggle with addiction?
    • Do you feel you have no control over the addiction?

    The solution – resolving the Three Key Factors!

    The solution lies in resolving points 1,2, and 3.

     1. Changing the Expression of Your Genes

    Many of us are taught, that if something is in your genes, we cannot do anything about it. The latest science has proven that this is not true. Dr Bruce Lipton discovered that many genes can be switched on or off by a stimulus from the environment. He discovered that our (subconscious) thoughts play a vital role in the activation and de-activation of a gene. This means that we don’t have to be a victim of them anymore. We can be addiction free, even if we have the addiction gene. When we change our subconscious thinking, we can affect the gene’s behaviour. We can switch the addiction gene on or off.

    2. Releasing trauma

    If you (or your loved one) is addicted to a substance, you most likely have a “hole in your heart.” There is an emotional wound. It most likely was caused by an event that took place between conception and age seven. Addicts try to fill this hole or want to numb their pain with the substance. If you identify and release the trauma, then the hole in your heart can heal.  Getting a professional to assist you with this, will speed up your healing process.

    Our coaching sessions can support you with this process.

    Why not sign up for a free 45 min coaching session? In this session we will:

    1. Explore what you want your ideal life to be like
    2. Identify what could be possibly preventing you from creating this life.
    3. Create a plan to set you on your path of creating the life you want.

    3. Allergies

    When we are allergic to something we have an abnormally strong reaction to the allergen. This can cause that we either cannot stand the substance, or we crave it. We crave it when we get a kick from it. We become addicted to this kick. When we release the allergy, the kick disappears. And it becomes easier to let go of the addiction. With the Overcoming Addictions Apphirmations, we have incorporated the Allergy Relief Apphirmations. This will help solve the allergy component of the addiction.

    I you decide that you are going to give up your addiction, but the subconscious mind doesn’t want to let go of it, you will fail. It is vital that the subconscious mind is reprogrammed, to support you. The Overcoming Addictions Apphirmations will help with that.