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We are excited to announce that Apphirmations can now play on all platforms, because we are now a web-based App. With the web-based app, you do need to be connected to the internet. It uses very little data.

​People have air fresheners that automatically spray air-freshener into the room, to make the room smell nice.
Apphirmations bring a positive atmosphere into your life. By having a dedicated device for running the Apphirmations in the home you automatically bring that positive atmosphere in your home.
I discovered this for myself, when I was running a tablet with Apphirmations in my training room day and night, for a while.. When people walked into that room, they commented on what an amazing energy was in that room. They felt so much love, joy and peace.

Brain Gym exercises called PACE can also assist


Web Based Apphirmations

Video Guide

We have created a series of videos to make the use of our Apphirmations App very easy.
Below the videos, you will find instructions on how to play the Apphirmations sets, e.g. Allergy Relief Set, Addictions, Ideal Weight and Optimal Learning

1. How to access our free Apphirmations

This video will show you how you can easily access our free Apphirmations, including the Immune Booster Apphirmations

2. Create an Icon on your home screen on your phone

See how you easily can create an icon for the Apphirmations on your homescreen and desktop. Then the web-based Apphirmations look like any other App. This video also shows you how to register.

3. Create a website shortcut on your desktop

See how you easily can create an icon for the Apphirmations on your  desktop. Then the web-based Apphirmations look like any other App.

4. How to play your Allergy Relief Apphirmations

This video shows you how to get the most out of your Allergy Relief Apphirmations

5. Access Apphirmations for Schools, Business, etc

6. Apphirmations & Music

​See how to combine the Apphirmations with music on your computer

7. Adjusting the Volume
​See how to adjust the volume for the Apphirmations

8. Register and Purchase Apphirmations

This video explains how the Apphirmations shop works

PACE - Brain Gym exercises

These Brain Gym exercises assist with pulling you out of stress, so that you can absorb the Apphirmations quicker.

How to Listen the

Specialised Apphirmations

How to Use the Apphirmations App Optimally

For you to use the App optimally, it is advisable to watch the videos on in our Resource Library.

Here you will find the following recommended videos to watch:

  1. Allergy Relief part 1, 2 and 3. These Videos gives much information on what are allergies, how they start and what you can do to release them.  
  2. The Forgiveness Challenge. I urge you to take it, even if you don’t video yourself. I see it my practice all the time how people feel so much better after forgiving others and themselves.
  3. Muscle Check Yourself. It is really important that you have a method of checking which Apphirmations you must play and for how long. Muscle Checking is a technique developed by doctors in 1912.
  4. PACE is a Brain Gym video to show you how to integrate the mind and body system to reduce stress. It is advisable to make these exercises part of your daily routine.

People with Allergies

  • If you are the parent of a child with allergies, start by listening to A-5 [Parent of Allergic Child]
  • Follow the daily playlists in the chronological order as they have been created
Listening to the Allergy Relief Set in Chronological Order

The good news is that the app has created the Apphirmations playlists for you!


If you know how to muscle check yourself, you can check how many days or nights you need to listen to a specific combination, because sometimes the body wants you to listen more than one day.



This video shows you how to listen to the Allergy Relief Set for optimum results.









Optimal Learning Set


  • As the parent of the learner start by listening to [Optimal Leaning – Parent Support]. As a parent you will also benefit from listening to all recordings.
  • Let the learner listen [The Brain-Body Integration] This is your “Topic Apphirmation”
  • Let the learner listen also to the [Memory]
  • After listening to these, you start with step 1, listening to the Allergy Relief Set in Chronological order




Break Free From Addiction


  • For optimum results listen the Ideal Weight Apphirmations together with the Allergy Relief Set
  • Listen to the [ Overcoming Addiction] This is your “Topic Apphirmation”
  • After listening to these, you start with step 1, Listening to the Allergy Relief Set in Chronological order. (See below)
  • If you are working with people with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome, then you have two “Topic Apphirmations” [Overcoming Addiction]+ [The Brain-Body Integration]


Listening to the Apphirmations

You can listen to the Apphirmations audibly or subliminally by turning the volume down to a soft whisper.
You can also combine the Apphirmations with music of your choice on your computer

It is unnecessary to sit still and listen to the Apphirmations. It works very well to listen to them while exercising, while doing other activities or while sleeping.

The key to success it to ensure that listening the Apphirmations is a relaxing and pleasant experience!

Why do you listen to the Allergy Relief Set, when dealing with other issues?

Many learning difficulties are triggered or aggravated by allergies. This is why it is strongly recommended to work through the allergy recordings.

Addictions are also partly caused by allergies. When you are allergic to a substance, your body will either reject the substance or crave it (Addiction). There are however many other factors that play a role in causing addictions.

After finishing listening to all the Allergy Relief Apphirmations
  • Once you worked through the whole set in chronological order and you still have some symptoms, you can work through them again.
  • We have created specialised combination playlists that you can work through.
  • You can work through one combination set at a time.
  • We have created a number of combinations for you.
  1.  If you have severe allergies, you might need to listen to the recording many times.
  2. If you are anaphylactic, you could have other symptoms too, e.g. other allergies, high anxiety levels etc.
    Look out for a significant reduction in the other symptoms first. Then it is advisable to redo your blood tests, before trying out the foods you are anaphylactic for.

  3. If you want to re-introduce the foods you are anaphylactic for, do it in consultation with your health professional

For optimum results, combine the App with a few individual consultations so that your personal issues are addressed!

We do not claim or guarantee that your allergies will be healed and that it will be safe to eat everything again. You are using the App at your own risk.