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Bring peace, safety and harmony into your into your life

As crazy as this may sound, if you think closely enough you can probably remember a time when you were in a building – or room – and something just felt off to you. Or, alternatively, you can remember a place that immediately made you feel great. This is because the buildings we come to have the energy stored there from people’s emotions who were there before us. Emotions are energy in motion. They don’t stop by our skin. Our emotions affect our environment.

The more a place is blessed and visited by happy people, the better the atmosphere. Our Atmosphere Apphirmations, removes the negative energy from the room and replaces it with blessings. This way we create a wonderful atmosphere, which is conducive to creating peace, safety and happiness.

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Emotions are energy in motion. They don’t stop by our skin. Our emotions affect our environment. For example holy places and places of worship feel so good, we and many others before us, visit these places with the anticipation that they will make us feel good. The energy in the building, makes us feel good and so we assist in amplifying the wonderful, uplifting energy in that building.

The opposite is also true. When we walk into a prison or a place of torture, we feel horrible. And so we assist in amplifying the horrible energy in that room.

The buildings we dwell in have the energy stored in there from the people who were there before us. We don’t always like that energy.

When a room is smelly, we can spray a nice aroma in that room. If we want to maintain that wonderful smell, we can even use a device that sprays a pleasant aroma every 30 minutes, into the room. The Atmosphere Apphirmations remove the negative energy and “spray” blessings into the room.

Watch this video to understand how we can use the Atmosphere Apphirmations to create safety from the inside out.



I use my garage as a training room and I had been running the Atmosphere Apphirmations in the garage for a couple of days. When the students walked into that room, they all commented on how wonderful the atmosphere was in that room.

Hanna Kok


I have used the Atmosphere Apphirmations during a meeting and meeting ran much smoother than expected.

Lizl Snyman

Chair person of Glen Austin Residence Association

I am the headmaster of a rural school. We normally have 5-10 break-ins during the December holidays. We have been playing the Apphirmations since September 2019. We only had 1 attempted break in the 2019 December holiday. The police arrived quickly on the scene, so nothing was stolen.
Hendrik Smith

Headmaster, Primary School Uitkyk, Luzville, Western Cape

I had one room in the house that was a dump. All the stuff that didn’t have a place, was dumped into that room. I couldn’t stand being in that room for longer than 5 minutes, so I couldn’t clear it out. I played the Atmosphere Apphirmations in there for a week. After that I could go into that room and clear it out completely.

Christina Huntly

Energy Healer

We used the Atmosphere Apphirmations in our office and the vibe in the office improved significantly within a few days

Samantha van Zyl

Head of Social Media Marketing, Laurus Media