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  • Does your child struggle to concentrate?
  •  Are you pressured to give your child medication?

 If you want a drug-free solution then it’s vital that you address the root causes of the learning and behavioural difficulties. You can read more about this by clicking on the button below

What causes learning and behaviour issues?

Dr Carla Hannaford explains the cause of learning difficulties in her book, Smart Moves, Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head.

Hannaford says that these learners are Stressed Out Survival Orientated Humans – or SOHOH people. When we are stressed, our brain is wired to pick up any sound or movement because they could be a possible threat. This makes it very difficult to concentrate.

The stressors often are:

  • (Unidentified and) Unresolved trauma
  • Lack of movement which causes lack of brain-body integration.
  • Allergies

The Holistic Concentration Solution

If you want to find a holistic drug-free solution it is important that the above-mentioned stressors are addressed.

The importance of identifying and releasing the trauma

Our subconscious mind compares each current event with our previous experiences; to check if this situation is safe of not. When we have unresolved trauma, we are more likely to misinterpret current events as a threat. When we don’t feel safe, we go into survival mode. And, as explained above, this makes it physiologically difficult to concentrate. When this trauma is addressed, many learners feel a lot calmer. Now it becomes easier to concentrate.


You can book a 45-minute free coaching session here where you can explore how you and your child can benefit from coaching.

The Importance of Brain-Body Integration

According to Dr Hannaford, when we are in survival mode the pre-frontal cortex switches off – by as much as 85% – so, for our brain to be operating in a healthy manner, we need a larger area of it to be communicating with our body; especially that part of the brain as it helps us to concentrate and make conscious choices.


The Role of Movement

When we move many parts of the brain communicate with each other and the body.  When we use both sides of the body, both brain hemispheres are activated too. The more this happens, the more we develop whol brain funtioning.  Brain Gym® is a great tool to stimulate Brain-Body connection. Many learners have noticed that it is easier to focus, after doing some Brain Gym exercises. PACE is a great set of Brain Gym exercises to prepare for learning.  If you want more you can contact us to learn all the 26 Brain Gym movements

Watch the PACE video here. . 

Why Do You Have a Child With Challenges?

As a parent of a child with learning difficulties it is important to realise that our child has come into our life to teach us something and. despite the surface challenges, this is not a negative experience.

For example: in my practice I often found that a child with ADD-ADHD or other challenges gets the parent searching for new solutions. This can lead to a change in life-style, and more fulfilling relationships. 

What Is Required Of You (As The Parent)?

  1. You and your child listen to the Optimal Learning Apphirmations daily. There is a different playlist for each of the 28 days. 
  2. Day 5  Apphirmations for the parent, are especially designed for the parent to assist in dealing with the challenges. The child doesn’t have to listen to this one.
  3. You do some Brain Gym exercises (PACE) daily, as explained above.

The Optimal Learning Apphirmations

The Optimal Learning Apphirmations retrain the brain to be fully integrated with the body and the senses for optimal functioning. It also reminds the body how to activate memory. Brain fog, lack of concentration and hyperactivity are often symptoms of allergies. Therefor we incorperated the Allergy Relief Apphirmations into the Optimal Learning Apphirmations.

In the Optimal Learning Apphirmations, there are special Apphirmations for parents, to encourage parents to learn what the lessons the child is presenting. When lessons are learnt, challenges can disappear naturally. We encourage parents to listen to the Apphirmations for Parents (Day 5) for at least seven days.

You also have access to the Apphirmations for Maths and Science. They change beliefs about those subjects, for learners who struggle with these subjects.

Optimal Learning

Set Content

If you or your child have learning difficulties like ADD, ADHD or other learning difficulties it is essential that you first listen to the Allergy Relief Set. Many of these difficulties are caused by sensitivities / allergies and traumas. These are addressed in this program. If you only want to improve your ability to learn and remember, you can listen to this set on its own.

The Brain-Body Integration

For optimal learning it is important that the Brain and the whole body, including the senses work as a team.


This recording teaches you how to improve your ability to remember, by releasing the need to forget and ensuring all the steps for building memories are in place.

Parent of child with learning difficulties

If we as the parent change our beliefs about the situation and our child, it becomes easier for our child to change too.

Allergy Relief

Many learning issues are caused by allergies. This is why we have included the Allergy Relief Apphirmations.

What is included in the Optimal Learning Set?

The Optimal Learning Set is a combination of the Allergy Relief Set, together with our specialised Optimal Learning Apphirmations. You will get 30 different Apphirmations, which comes to close to 4.5 hours of specialised Apphirmations. This is too much to absorb in one go. This is why we have created special combinations for you to listen to over a period of 28 days

1. Integrated Brain & Body – 25:29
2. Memory – 9:59
3. Releasing Fear – 8:06
4. General allergies – 8:48
5. New Inner World – 4:40
6. Allergy for Self – 14:09
7. Message for Parents – 5:26
8. Balanced Mind Body System – 39:58
9. Protein – 5:07
10. Calcium – 4:37
11. Vitamin C – 7:46
12. Vitamin B – 5:36
13. Sugars – 8:23
14. Iron – 5:16
15. Vitamin A – 5:21
16. Lipids – 7:00

17. Minerals – 8:22
18. Carbohydrates – 7:08
19. Acid – 6:26
20. Base – 9:08
21. Yeast & Fungi – 7:03
22. Hormones – 8:27
23. Organs – 6:53
24. Animal Dander – 4:49
25. People – 11:09
26. Inhalants – 12:36
27. Emotions – 8:17
28. Contactants – 8:26
29. Injectants – 8:41
30. Milk & Dairy – 5:27
31. Viruses, Bacteria & Parasites – 9:44


Go to our App User Guide to watch a few videos and where you can download the file with instructions on how to listen to the specialised Apphirmations.

Listening to the Apphirmations for all ages

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