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Brain Gym® exercises known as “PACE”. This video demonstrates how you can warm-up the brain and integrate the mind and the body. It is an excellent tool to reduce stress. It is a great way to prepare for your visualisations.

Allergy Relief Part 1

This Allergy Relief part 1 video explains what allergies are, how they are formed and what you can do to prevent forming new allergies and sensitivities.

Allergy Relief Part 2

This Allergy Relief part 2 video explains how stress aggravates allergies. It aslo explains why we get stressed and what we can do to release and reduce stress

Allergy Relief Part 3

This Allergy Relief part 3 video explains our drugfree solution to finding allergy relief without avoidance of allergens. It also explains how  most of us are weakened by Wi-Fi and our mobile devices and what we can do to change that.


Ho’oponopono is a process of forgiveness that Dr Hew Len in Hawaii used to heal a complete ward of criminally insane people. If he can use successfully for these people, we can use it for the “idiots” and other irritating people and situations we have in our lives.

The Forgiveness Challenge

If you watched the Beyond Allergies video, you will realise the importantence of Forgiveness. This is why Hanna is inviting you to take the Forgiveness Challenge. It is great way to bring forgiveness into your life.

Muscle checking yourself

This video demonstrates a few ways you can muscle check yourself.

Theta Healing

This video teaches you a visualisation on how to go into the Theta Brain Wave and use it for healing and creating change