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What is an Apphirmation?

An Apphirmation (affirmation) is a positive statement you repeat to yourself, in order to replace your negative self-talk with more uplifting self-talk.

What do I do if my program is not working properly?
We are not making any more changes on the Android App, as it being replaced by the web based version. If the Android App isn’t working properly, go out of the App and go back in. If that doesn’t help. Then uninstall the App and reinstall it again. This sorts out most of the problems.

If our web-based App isn’t working properly. Log out and log back in again. If that doesn’t solve it, please report any errors on our Contact Us page.

When I create a playlist on the Android App, it cannot find my music

All music for the Android App must be on the phone, not the SD card. If it takes up to much space, you can compress your mp3 files.

Why am I unable to upload music?

If you want to upload music on the web based Apphirmations, you need to have the paid version of the Apphirmations, to have access to this feature. You can buy it from our store.

With the iPhone you cannot access the music directory on your phone. You need to get it into your Dropbox folder, before you can upload it. You can also upload music from your computer.