Building Blocks Activities

Internal organisation is a pre-requisite for external organisation
We need to be organised, to create success in all areas of life, e.g.

  • At work,
  • In the classroom,
  • On the sports field,
  • In group interactions, when working independently, And more

The Building Block Activities give you the tools to create internal organisation.

​Are you a caregiver of young children and you want to give them a really strong foundation for life? ​Are you disorganized?
Are you working or living with an Special Needs child or adult?
Are you working or living with people /or person with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or who is recovering from a stroke?
Do you have a child who is dealing with ADD, ADHD, Autism, or who has other Special Needs?
​Are you or a loved one having seizures?

​If you have answered any of these questions with YES, then this course is for you!

When we lack internal organisation, it is challenging to deal with the sensory input that comes into our body. This inability to organize makes it very difficult to concentrate and learn. This can result in simply being disorganized, or we can have more severe symptoms like ADD, ADHD and more.

The lack of this internal organisation could be caused by:

  • Trauma
  • Lack of movement in our development
  • We are born with a condition, e,g, Autism, Cerebral Palsy
  • We lost it due to an accident or illness, e.g. brain damage due to an accident, seizures, or stroke. Etc.

When we (re-)learn our internal organisation, we can function more effectively.

The BBAs assists children and adults’ function in;

  • Speech and Language
  • Motor development and movement
  • Attitude
  • Vision and reading skills
  • Listening skills
  • Social skills, Etc.

The Building Blocks Activities (BBA) Course takes an in-depth look at several basic neurological patterns and motor development. Then you will learn simple, yet very effective physical physical exercises (BBAs) that will teach your mind-body system these neurological patterns. Learning is most optimal, when we learn in patterns.


“A seizure is a sudden, brief attack caused by an abnormal electrical discharge in the brain. People Experience it as altered awareness (losing consciousness for an instance), involuntary movements, or convulsions. During a seizure, a person’s brain cells “fire” uncontrollably, temporarily affecting the way s/he behaves, moves, thinks or feels.This abnormal firing may involve the entire cerebral cortex (primary generalized Seizure), or it may being in one brain area and affect only a limited region (A partial or focal Seizure)” Taken from the BBA manual, written by Cece Koester.

The cause of seizure is still unknown and there is no known medical cure for epilepsy.
When we work with Epilepsy patients we have three main objectives

  1. Eliminating seizures or reducing them as much as possible
  2. Avoid the negative side-affects of the medication
  3. Assist the person to restore and maintain a normal lifestyle

With the BBAs we are able to disentangle, to some extend, the chaos which can cause a seizure. Through creating internal patterns and structure, and so creating a well-organised brain, the epilepsy patients are able to learn effectively. They can have control again of the brain and the body, so that they can function more effectively.

Who will really benefit from
attending this workshop?

OT’s, Physios, parents, teachers and facilitators of children or adults who have special needs; anyone working with clients recovering from PTSD, emotional or physical trauma, or traumatic brain injury, anyone working with the elderly.

Success stories
While I was on the course, Cece the creator of BBAs, demonstrated how she works with Special Needs children. A home for special needs children, brought in a young girl for Cece to work with. She is autistic and struggled to sleep at night. She didn’t make eye contact and was obsessed with food. She seemed to walk around the room in a “wild” and uncontrolled manner. Cece started teaching this girl some internal patterns in an informal and playful manner. She did some of the BBAs with her, “on the go”. As time passed she became a lot calmer and was participating more. We heard the next day that she had slept well and continued sleeping well the nights after that.

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Building Blocks Activities