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On the Outreach Page, you can see how lives improved of individuals who attended the Wealth Mindset Program. They now take charge of their own lives, and their financial situations improved. Many have found work, or they found more ways of creating work for themselves and others. They also managed their money better. 

The idea is that for those who completed the Wealth Mindset Program and who are interested, we offer in-depth training, including teacher training for the Wealth Mindset Program.

Once these individuals have completed the in-depth training, they become qualified Community Coaches. They can coach individuals and teach the Wealth Mindset Program. They can charge money for these services. This is how we create jobs.  They can assist many people in dealing with difficult people and teach them the importance of forgiveness for their own lives. This will uplift individuals and communities.

In order to guarantee quality training, we are going create training videos which explain the principles. The Community Coaches watch the videos with training groups and then take them through the exercises. This way we ensure a consistent quality of the training.

With the training people will learn how they can improve their lives through self-acceptance, forgiveness, honesty and changing their beliefs. We have seen how this program has reduced abuse significantly.

By focusing on training the trainers

we create a wave of change!

Success Stories

Thomson told me how has already started sharing the Wealth Program with his friends and family. He told me how his cousin has now found much more work since he started sharing this information with him.
Juanita and Thembi have started doing the exericises at their nursery school with the children and the children are much calmer.

Marius told me how he did the forgiveness visualisation with a lady, and she was feeling much better afterwards. She wasn’t so tired anymore.