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How can you replace abuse with respect?

What else can you do to en domestic violence singlehandedly in your home ?

You have watched the video with the three tips on how to end domestic violence singlehandedly. It is vital that these 3 steps become part of your way of life. At first it is something you need to apply daily. As things change, you will need to do it less often. However the use for these tools will always be there.

People treat us the way we treat ourselves. And this is driven by the beliefs we have about ourselves. Beliefs are deep seated stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. If we want to naturally change the way we treat ourselves, it is vital that we reprogram our subconscious beliefs.

Our Apphirmations App can help you to reprogram those subcoscious beliefs. When you sign-up for the free Apphirmations, you will now also get access to the Confident You Apphirmations. They are specifically designed for people struggling with depression, anxiety and/or abuse.

You listen to these Apphirmations while you are sleeping for the next 14 days. They will help you change, so that you create and attract respectful relationships.


Watch the short video below on how to access the free Apphirmations. In the video we only speak about the Immune Booster Apphirmatons. You will get access to both.



I used to be a drug addict and I was in prostitution to support the drug habit. I have been in rehab before, but I have relapsed 3x. I am clean now

 and I live in a safe house.

The Abuse to Respect Apphirmations are really working for me. I can really tell that I’m not the same anymore, I don’t reason the same.  I’m believing more in my self worth, I’m loving myself more and spending more time with myself. I feel the fear of not making it, faded away. I don’t entertain lawlessness especially when old friends want my attention. I am stronger mentally and emotionally since started listening to the Abuse to Respect Apphirmations.

They are a real life saver.

Rosetta Stuurman

Every time I listen to the NEW YOU Apphirmations, I wake up believing in myself. I no longer get emotional about my past. I can look at myself and feel so worthy.  They really help me to get through this difficult period in my life.

Janine Burger