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Personal Information

Hanna Kok is born the Netherlands. Here she completed her schooling and her formal University Education. She is a qualified Chemistry and Biology teacher. In 1984 she moved to rural Lesotho. She met her first husband. They spent much time dreaming of making a life rather than being bogged down by making a living. She qualified in 1993 as an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® trainer. He was tragically killed. This made her more determined than ever, to turn their shared dreams into a reality.

She decided to leave Lesotho. And she took the risky plunge to follow her dream. She became an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym trainer. She moved to Johannesburg with her 3-year old son. Here she only knew one person and nobody had heard of Brain Gym or Educational Kinesiology. She has never looked back. – Later she qualified in NAET Allergy Elimination and Theta Healing. She has successfully been running her practice since 1998. 

Hanna’s Passion

Hanna is very passionate about assisting you to switch from surviving to thriving. She does this by giving you practical tools to take charge of your own life. She developed four courses and an Web-based App called Apphirmations. You can use the App to reprogram your subconscious beliefs. The App has been great to reduce allergies, ADD/ADHD symptoms and more.

Hanna is also passionate about the upliftment of people less fortunate than herself. That is why The Life You Want has taught “The Wealth Mindset” in the Townships in South Africa. to share this knowledge. People were grateful, because of the knowledge she shared with them. It taught them a new way of dealing with life. The participants who fully participated, had the following results:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Creating work
  • Finding work
  • Managing their money better
  • Relationships improved
  • Violence/abuse stopped naturally by itself.

Participants are encouraged to do community work, to apply the program. The more they put in, the more they get out of the program.

Township work

Hanna Kok started the township work. She realised that it takes one person to change the course in history. She had enough of listening to politicians blaming the past for our current problems. This is when she said to herself.

“Let me be that person to change the course in history and at the same time inspire others to change history with me.”

Let’s do what we can to make South Africa a country that is safe and prosperous for as many people as possible. This can be done by equipping people with new mindsets, skill-sets and habits.

Other Achievements

Hanna Kok is a noted speaker and is regularly invited to speak at events. She has also taught her courses overseas in a career spanning over 20 years.

Locally Hanna Kok has appeared on numerous mainstream media outlets. She educates people on how neural pathways and the subconscious can be reprogrammed. This results in improved the quality of life for all.  These include techniques for personal development, conflict resolution and attracting wealth and prosperity. They also have been successful for Allergy relief and other physical conditions.

She has touched the lives of many people from all over the world.

In addition, she has developed courses that recognised Brain Gym courses. The courses are:

  • From Victim to Master,
  • From Vision to Reality,
  • Brain and Brawn,
  • Wealth Mindset

She is also the author of the popular empowerment book, “Happy Ever After”.