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Changing Mindsets in

Underprivileged Communities

​​We all know the saying “Give the man a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and a you feed him for life.” The difficulty is that if the new thinking is in conflict with their subconscious beliefs, it doesn’t hold. People revert back to their old ways. This is why we need to facilitate change on a subconscious level.

One day, i was sitting my office thinking about how I could create a successful life, while living by the universal principles like:

  • Give and you shall receive
  • What you sow is what you reap
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others
  • As a (wo)man thinks, so s/he will be

This is when I got the idea, “Why not teach these principles to people in underprivileged communities, who normally don’t have access to this type of information?” I immediately started to work to create a ” The Wealth Mindset Program”. With vital assistance of my colleagues, the local political party and community leaders, we started with our first roll-out of the program on the 16th of August 2017, whereby people came once a week, for 2 hours. They were given a manual and daily exercises to teach them a new mindset, give them a new skill-set and teach them new habits.

The key to making this program successful is that people need to change their subconscious thinking (beliefs). We use tools and techniques to facilitate this.

  • We have our app called Apphirmations. Participants can listen to our specialised recordings to change their beliefs. The also can re-listen to the visualisations we did in the group.
  • We use Brain Gym®, so that people pull themselves out of survival mode so that they have access to their higher thinking brain. This makes it possible to plan and make wiser decisions.
  • We demonstrate how holding on to hurt/grudges weakens us. We give people tools to forgive.
  • We teach them them techniques on how to identify and release limiting beliefs and replace them with new ones.

The results have been amazing! And what is so exciting s that the program changed the life of the participants AND their families AND friends. This makes the impact of the program significant.

Results in

Beaufort West, Western Cape,
South Africa

We completed 4 days of training in Beaufort West. We would like to go back for a second set of training, to complete the process.
It is fantastic to see how people grow and change in those few days.
It shows that creating change doesn’t have to be difficult or hard work.

We incorporate all Hanna Kok’s skills and knowledge in our programs that have helped thousands of people, just like you, to let go of the baggage that is holding them back (like allergies, stress, difficult relationships), improve their self-esteem and shift from surviving, to thriving.

Results in Rabie Ridge – Gauteng

We started with 20 people who had no idea what to expect. Maybe they were hoping that they were going to receive money or work. By week four the group shrank to only 6 people. 100% off these 6 people have experienced major improvements in their lives.

  • Ida had work, but she was often fighting with her superiors. She is not fighting with them anymore. She told us, that when she was paid by the 25th, by the 28th her money was all gone and she hadn’t bought even the things she wanted to buy. Since the Wealth Mindset training, now by the 13th of the following month, she had bought the important things she needed and she still had money in her pocket
  • Christina grows vegetables and was looking for a market to sell her vegetables to. She was also struggling with high blood pressure. In the second session she learnt about why and how to forgive. Her blood pressure dropped significantly. With their business, they are now supplying their vegetables to the Johannesburg market. The business has grown a lot.
  • Juanita has a local creche. Normally parents didn’t pay their school fees properly. Now all parents had paid in time. She managed to employ another teacher (one of members of the group who attended the course) and she even had money left over. She also found that her relationships with family members had improved a lot. She now uses the Brain Gym exercises in her school and the children are much calmer.
  • Thoko was unemployed when we started. She also had some personal problems. After 4 sessions, she had found a small job and her relationships had improved a lot.
  • Thembi was unemployed when we started. She is now working for Juanita.
  • Thomson found that he was feeling much better and his relationships have improved.

One of the participants also mentioned that the abuse at home had stopped.

Results in Kannaland in Western Cape

I was asked to teach the The Wealth Mindset Program in Kannaland in the Western Cape. I also taught them the From Victim to Master course, where they received more in-depth training to learn how to do one-on-one consultations to facilitate change in other people’s lives. The people were so grateful that they learnt these techniques, because they had been feeling hopeless on what to do with children and drug addiction. Now they have many new tools in their basket.
After the 3 days, they saw their own health improve. As participants changed, their family members also changed (without being on the course). They want me to come back and teach them another 4 days. After these 4 days they will have learnt:

  • How to facilitate The Wealth Mindset Program
  • How to use the App and other technigues with the addicted children and adults
  • How to use Brain Gym in the local schools and how to work with the street children.

The program is a spiritual program and is applicable to people from all walks of life. In Kannaland, we worked through the church. That is why the people used Christian language in their testimonials.

Nathan used the App with his street children project and he said “We used the Apphirmations whilst working with the kids. It was the most peaceful session.”    

Would you like to support us?

Are you tired of the crime and corruption in this country? We can do something about it, by teaching people a new mindset, skill-set and habits. We have a plan in place on how to roll this exciting program out to many communities. This program is contributing to improving health, increase employment, address the challenges that cause addictions, which cause crime. The program also reduces violence.

We can only do this work with your support!
Please email us on info@thelife-youwant.com on how you can make a contribution.
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