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Our unique relationship counselling programs will lead to a happier frame of mind for you and the people around you. We can help you to improve your relationships by contacting us now. I want healthy relationships.
Our daily lives are full of relationships that directly affect who we are, what we do, how we act and how we react to situations. We all know that difficult relationships can have extremely negative effects on our self esteem and how we feel about ourselves. However, many people don’t realise how much of an impact how we feel about ourselves have on the relationships we are surrounded by. Whether its constant bickering with our romantic partner, perhaps a husband or wife that doesn’t appreciate you, sulky teenage kids that don’t listen to a word you say… Maybe you have a belligerent boss, or even worse, a CREEPY one!

Talk to us, we can help you take charge and improve all those relationships that form such an important part of our daily lives.

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It made me aware that I had to start with learning to accept and VALUE myself before I can expect others to value me! From there my relationships with my children and my husband improved tremendously and situations that previously really upset me, I can now just notice for what they are, remain relaxed and take appropriate action without experiencing the old debilitating emotions! It confirmed that changing my internal world really shapes my external world and relationships and that I am responsible for and in control of my own internal happiness!

Client prefers to remain Anonymous

June (name has been changed) wanted to do better at work and the relationship with her parents, especially her relationship with her mother was very strained. After applying the techniques from the workshop on her, she felt better about herself, she felt better about her work and her relationship with her mother improved drastically. People at work noticed that she was much calmer and less aggressive.
Michelle was going through an ugly divorce. Her husband was refusing to accept the divorce and he was going out of his way to destroy her. Michelle had a constant knot in her stomach. The children were not sleeping properly and their schoolwork was suffering. During the consultation, Michelle became aware that her husband was treating her in a similar way as she had been treating herself. She also had been disrespectful towards herself. We worked on Michelle accepting herself as she is, and supporting herself through thick and thin. After the session Michelle felt tremendous peace within herself and the knot in her stomach was gone. Within a few days after the consultation her husband appointed a divorce lawyer who has a reputation to work with mediation. (He was ready to move forward with the divorce) The children slept through the night and they flourished. One daughter was chosen to represent her grade in athletics (only two children were chosen from the whole grade) The other daughter did much better academically. Her teacher even phoned Michelle to tell her how well her daughter was doing. Even though they are still getting divorced, at least the situation is moving forward. It will be more amicable and the children are coping better.

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Relationship Rescue &
Marriage Counselling

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A book by Hanna Kok

Happy Ever After

In the West fewer and fewer married couples are able to keep their marriage from ending in divorce. What has changed so much in the last few decades to result in divorce becoming such a big problem?

According to Hanna Kok, a marriage is based on two main elements, love and growth. In Happy Ever After it is argued that there is a lot of focus put on love, but not nearly enough attention given to the concept of growth. When growth is lacking the relationship becomes boring and it feels like “something” is missing. Written in easy-to-read language and organised in practical sections, Kok shows the reader not only how to make their romantic relationships last, but also how to get the most out of your relationships colleagues, children and friends.

You can order the book in the kindle store on Amazon or directly from us.