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Internal Stress
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Stress is to be tormented by cares, anxieties and other disturbing thoughts. We can often make stress worse by worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet, things that could happen. We may be stressed by a high-pressure job that puts high psychological demands on us. Perhaps you’re stressing about the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Do you worry that you’re not good enough? Do you think you’re not strong enough to handle certain situations?

High levels of stress can be as debilitating as any disease. It can manifest physically as sweats, shivers, numbness, high blood pressure and heart palpitations to name just a few. Even when stress doesn’t manifest as chronic physical symptoms, it is one of the key barriers in our lives that keep us from living the lives we want for ourselves. Stress keeps us from taking risks, trying new things and can really make our lives and the lives of those around us miserable!

Nobody deserves a life of stress and worry, you have the power to change your circumstances, improve your life and live happy and stress free. Live your best life, one with fulfilling relationships, where you can handle life’s challenges and you have the things you need. We can teach you how.

Contact us to take your first steps on a new, stress-free journey of a fulfilling life. The life you want!

Stress Relief and Alleviation


Working with Hanna turned my life around. It made me aware that I had to start with learning to accept and VALUE myself before I can expect others to value me! From there my relationships with my children and my husband improved tremendously and situations that previously really upset me, I can now just notice for what they are, remain relaxed and take appropriate action without experiencing the old debilitating emotions! It confirmed that changing my internal world really shapes my external world and relationships and that I am responsible for and in control of my own internal happiness!


Hanna came into my life at a time when I was overstretched, mentally, physically and emotionally. My body was showing signs of immense stress through illnesses and pain. I was unable to direct my thoughts correctly on daily tasks, as I was holding onto a number of self limiting beliefs. In three short months she has transformed my life completely. Her incredible work has not only relieved me of all my past trauma, and physical illnesses, but her tools for maintaining a healthy and positive mindset on a daily basis has freed my negative patterns and has given me a true sense of self love and belief. She has opened me up to the possibilities of what we and the mind is capable of curing… a true gift in all areas of my life. I am forever grateful to her. Thank you Hanna.

Emma Robbins

I may not intellectually understand Hanna’s techniques, but the outcome has empowered me to make the right choices in my life, reducing limiting self-beliefs and fear based decisions, ultimately leading to days that are fun, adventurous and in many ways stress free.


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