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Brain & Brawn Course


Brain & Brawn 

  • Would you like to excel in sport and/or through sport?
  • Do you like to exercise?
  • Would you like to have a brain that is sharp and a great body too?
  • Would you like to stay motivated by switching your brain on for your goals?
  • Are you a coach and your want to give your athlete{s) that edge, so that they have BMT (Big Match Temperament?)
  • Are you working with the elderly and you want to keep their minds sharp?
  • Would you like to say bye-bye to procrastination?

Why join us?

What will you learn in this exciting 2- day course?

Did you know that you can change your brain wiring through movement? This means that we can use movement to prepare our brain and body for pursuing our goals and dreams. 

Brain & Brawn is a program developed by Hanna Kok especially for people who want to excel in and/or through sport. It is unique program, because it integrates body, mind and spirit, and it uses predominantly movement to achieve this.

The newly revamped Brain & Brawn course, also gives you variations of how to do the exercises with less mobile people, e.g. the elderly, handicapped people, or people who are recovering from injuries. If you work in rehabilitation, Brain & Brawn will give you great extra tools for your work.

Most programs only focus on developing the body and mind. The spirit is our inner-intelligence that knows how to how to create new cells, heal injuries, synchronise our muscle-performance with our breathing and heartbeat, etc. Why not work with that Inner-Intelligence to improve our performance and become more efficient in our power output?

We want to believe that our behaviour is determined by our conscious, but to a far greater extend it is steered by our subconscious mind. If our conscious intention is in conflict with our subconscious beliefs, we will always follow the subconscious. Only if we make changes on a subconscious level, will our behaviour and abilities align with the conscious intentions and we experience a change that feels natural and that lasts. We cannot access and change the subconscious with language, but we can through intentional movement, visualisations and by bringing in the spirit.

This course is open to all 

Course dates and times for the course are found or the Course Calendar page.

If the course is not scheduled, feel free to contact us and we can see what we can organise.
Course fees include manual,a BONUS, a Brain Gym certificate and snacks. You need to bring your own lunch.

Join for our

Brain & Brawn Course



Brain and Brawn cardsBonus

With the course you will receive the Brain & Brawn cards as a bonus. This makes easy and fun to choose your activities during your Brain & Brawn sessions.

The exercises are suitable for all ages, even the elderly, because we teach you how to adapt the exercises to the people you are working with.

“Truths are simple and easy. It takes a master to complicate these truths so that the students are willing to accept them”

Brain and Brawn

Success Stories

Bettie Heidler, was World Champion hammer throw in 2007. At the Olympic games In 2008 she buckled under the pressure to perform. February 2009 she came to see me for one session, where we worked on dealing with the pressure. At a competition a few days later she threw better than she had done the whole of 2008. In August she won a silver medal, at the world championships, where she threw her personal best.

Bettie Heidler Hammer Throw
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T-Anne, was very nervous for her netball trials, because she had lost her confidence with shooting. After one Brain & Brawn consultation, she had her confidence back and her shooting accuracy improved tremendously. She also recovered much faster after making a mistake.

Wilfred Daniels, former head coach of Athletics South Africa, says the following after experiencing a Brain & Brawn consultation:

I am greatly encouraged by the work that you do. It is exactly what our athletes need to be successful at the highest level. I will recommend you to my superiors to become a permanent support to our athletes and their future success.

Brain and Brawn was used in group- and individual sessions at South Downs Soccer Academy. The youngsters found that their concentration and skills have improved in their soccer AND their academic skills improved too!

Brain and Brawn has successfully been used to get athletes:

  • To come out of their starting blocks faster
  • Turn easier for hammer throwing and discus
  • To calm nerves before competitions
  • There are endless possibilities

Brain and Brawn is also used in a Gym class to improve the quality of life for ordinary people