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From Victim to Master

Are you a social worker, coach, or a lay-counselor and/or you are interested in personal growth? Would you like to achieve the following?

  • Turn your clients into raving fans, because you did such an amazing job, in half the time.
  • Grow your practice, because you can now even help those, who don’t want to, or are unable to, talk about their trauma. 
  • Feel energised after your (online) sessions. Because you quickly identified and resolved the root of your client’s problems.
  • Feel healthy and energetic with a self-care routine that takes less than 5 minutes a day

Why join us?

  1. Do you want to hit that sweet spot for your clients? Then make sure that you let them experience personal growth that they crave. It is the most fulfilling and the easiest way to create permanent change in their life. It leaves your clients feel empowered and they will want to come back for more.
  2. If your clients issues take long to resolve, it will leave you feeling tired and drained. The excellent tools you learn in this course, are relatively quick and very effective. You can resolve more than one issue in a session. This leaves you feeling energised and excited.
  3. The techniques are super easy to use online, so you can expand your reach and grow your business.
  4. Your clients will be so impressed with you. Because you can effective guide them through their challenges, big and small. 


What makes our techniques unique:

  • You can feel confident while using the techniques with your clients. Because you will get easy to follow scripts that you can use.
  • You will know how to address the root cause of beliefs, emotions and habits, by addressing the unresolved trauma’s. This saves you time and is very satisfying.
  • Do you work with children and their trauma? Within one session, you can resolve traumas for parent and child. Most people overlook the fact that parents are also traumatised by the traumas their child experiences. The parents will be so grateful.
  • You will learn how to work with children who are too young or unable to talk. This means you can help them now too. 
  • You will learn techniques to easily and effortlessly shift beliefs, including inherited beliefs. You can now even help people overcome their phobias and/or stubborn issues. 
  • You can now help more people with relationships problems. Because you will learn techniques to resolve relationship problems, without both parties attending. 

Social Workers and Auxiliary workers

We taught this course to this group of social workers and their assistants (auxiliary workers). They have to deal a lot with the victims and perpetrators of violence and abuse. What makes their job difficult, is that many of them have experienced these things themselves. Their client’s issues are too often too close to home. Before each course, we make a list what people want to learn. Below you can see their list of what they wanted to learn and the video with what they had to say about the course

Subjects Social Workers Wanted to Learn

  • How to apply the knowledge in their work
  • How to positively inspire people in our community
  • To understand ourselves better
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to work with:
  • Trauma
  • Abuse including – Substance abuse & Sexual abuse
  • How to release my victim mentality
  • How to grow personally
  • How to deal with the abnormalities of life
  • How to deal with child offenders
  • How to deal with foster care

From Victim to Master Bonuses

Course Bonus 1

With the course you will receive specialised Apphirmations that you can listen to, to reinforce what you learnt on the course.

The value of these Apphirmations is R395.00

Course Bonus 2

The second bonus is the book Happy Ever After, make your relationships flourish by Hanna Kok. It is a great reference book for the course and it is filled with many stories of how Hanna and her clients applied the information.

The value of this bonus is R190.00

Free Video Samples of our From Victim to Master Online Course

3. Love and Growth

4. Taking responsibility for our happiness
5. Whom Am I? - visualisation with the boxes

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From Victim to Master Online Course