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From Vision to Reality


From Vision to Reality

  • Have you ever had an (great) idea and it just petered out or you didn’t even start pursuing it?
  • And looking back, how do you feel about these missed opportunities?
  • Would you like to turn you dreams/visions for your life, but you struggle with making them a reality?

Do you sabotage your own “good” intentions?

This happens when your subconscious beliefs (=the stories we tell ourselves about everything) are in conflict with our dreams and visions. We have a chance of One million to one to make things happen. The first step it to take charge of our thinking, because everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in the physical.

    Why join us?

    What will you learn in this exciting 2- day course?

     We have self-sabotaging programs running in the back ground of our subconscious, which counteract our good intentions, It is important to first identify what the limiting beliefs are and why we hold on to them, before we release them. These limiting beliefs can cause disease, dysfunctional relationships, destructive behavior, poverty and more. 

    Passion and excitement are big internal motivators. So we are going to identify what we are passionate about, so we can create lives that are exciting, meaningful and fun.

    We are going to set internal goals instead of external goals for ourselves, so that we can start straight away with turning our Visions into Reality. We become independent from external circumstances.

    With our choices we create our future, so lets learn how to make effective choices.

    We need time and money to turn our Visions into Reality. We will learn how to use our time and money effectively, to make our dreams come true and more!

    This course is open to all who have completed
    Victim to Master (Also known as Relationships)
    Wealth Mindset

    Course prices, dates and times for the course are found or the Course Calendar page
    Course fees include manual, Brain Gym certificate and snacks. You need to bring your own lunch.

    Join for our

    From Vision to Reality Course