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Apphirmations for Gyms 

The success of your gym will be affected by different factors.

  1. The results your clients get
  2. The attittude of your personal trainers
  3. The overall energy in the gym, which makes being in the Gym a pleasant experience. 

When we play the Apphirmations for Gyms you will be influencing all of these. When there is a great energy in the building we can positively influence others more. When we make others feel good, they want to come back.  

When you press PLAY, the Apphirmations will automatically play each Apphirmations set after the other. The default setting is that they will continuously loop the cycle to play non-stopy.

There are silent gaps between each Apphirmation to ensure maximum effectiveness.

For optimal results, it is best to: 

  1. Play the Apphirmations softly, so they sound like a soft whisper.
  2. One cycle is about 2 hours, so play them the whole time. You can even play them 24/7. They will create a wonderful energy in gym.
  3. For yourself, you can also listen to them while you sleep.

Apphirmations for Gyms