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14-Day Trial Apphirmations – extended to 1 month

Thank you for using our free Apphirmations, including our Immune Booster Apphirmations. We would love to hear from you with your feedback after you have used them. It the end of the page you will find extra tips for staying healthy by using Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.

 There are  3 different Apphirmations-sets.

  1. The Confident You Apphirmations. These Apphirmations are ideal for people struggling with anxiety, depression and abuse. You can change your life, by changing the way you think about yourself and your life. And the Confidence Builder Apphirmations will support you in doing that.
  2. The Immune Booster Apphirmations, These are excellent for boosting the immune system.
  3. The Love-Joy Peace Apphirmations. These are great for lifting your mood.

Instructions for playing the Apphirmations

  • When you press the [Play], the Apphirmations will automatically go through the whole play list and loop. This enables you to play the Apphimrations for the whole night.
  • Play the Apphirmations softly, like a very soft whisper. This makes that they shift the subconscious mind more easily.
  • Listen to them while you sleep for optimal results. Make sure they don’t interfer with your sleep. You can also play them during the day.
  • You can play them on any device with internet access
  • If your device stops playing the Apphirmations at times, just restart them again.

The Confident You Apphirmations

Immune Booster Apphirmations

DISCLAIMER: We are not claiming that our Apphirmations will cure or prevent your illnesses. If you have symptoms always contact a medical practitioner. These Apphirmations are complimentary to regular health practices.

What do you want from life?

  • If you had one wish that would make your life much better or even perfect, what would you wish for?
  • If that wish was granted how would you feel?


Did you know that every wish, dream or goal is about increasing the amount of love, joy and peace in our life. We think that if we reach certain milestones in our (external) life, we will feel more love, joy and peace internally too. But have you noticed that when we reach our goals, there will be something else that is preventing us from feeling the love, joy and peace we were looking for. 

Dr. Alex Loyd explains that if we first create the internal love, joy and peace the external “stuff”were pursuing often arrives automatically. In this set, there are Apphirmations to create the internal love, joy and peace.


Our happiness and success are directly linked to the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. This is why this free set includes self-esteem Apphirmations. For these to hold we need to also remove some of the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. This is why we have the self-esteem release blocks Apphirmations. 

Where to from here?

Are you enjoy listening to the 14-day trial Apphirmations? Would you like to have access to them longer? We have wide range of great Apphirmations for you. They can assist you with allergies, addictions, weight issues, learning, replacing abuse with respect, letting go of depression and anxiety and more. You can buy a specific Apphirmations set, or take out a membership that can give you access to all of them. You will continue to have access to the 14-day trial apphirmations, if you purchase at least one of any of our paid products, or take out a membership. 

We also offer courses. See below for more details. 

Wealth Mindset Free Videos

You had the opportunity to listen to the free Apphirmations. We also want to give you the opportinity to watch some of our free videos of our Wealth Mindset Course. Click on the button below to go the Wealth Mindset page. You will find the videos at the bottom of the page

Extra Health Tips – Using Psycho-Neuro-Immunology

  • Are you fed-up being held ransom by the Corona Virus?
  • Do you want your freedom back and live without fear?
  • Would you like to have a tool that boost your immune system right now?

The more you and your friends have a strong immune system, the sooner we can get our freedom back. And the more you will be able to handle future viral and bacterial infections.

Below you can read about what you can do to increase your chances of staying healthy by using the power of the mind. I will first explain how the mind affects our immune system, so that you will understand why the tips can be so effective. Please share this with your friends and family members.

What is Psycho-neuro-immunology?

Psychoneuroimmunology is the science of how the mind affects our immune system. It is now a known fact that our stress levels, directly impact on our immune system. Dr Candice Pert, author of “Molecules of Emotion” and Dr Bruce Lipton, author of the book “Biology of Belief” explain how emotions create neuropeptides, which trigger reactions in our cells. Stress forming emotions, weaken the cells. This is how emotions directly affect the health of our cells and our body as a whole. The healthier we are, the bigger the chance we can overcome our symptoms.

Dr Bruce Lipton also teaches how our subconscious beliefs operate our life 95% of the time. Our subconscious beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our lives. They trigger our emotions and so affect our stress levels. If we feel powerless, our stress levels go up.

Dr Lipton also teaches that our body has two defence mechanisms.

  1. Defence mechanism that fights internal threats from diseases, including viral infections. This is our immune system.
  2. Defence mechanism that fights external threats.

Why does stress weaken our immune system?

Stress weakens our immune system. Why? Most stress is caused by external situations. Our body perceives it as an external threat. Our body mobilises itself for fight, flight, or freeze. It directs blood to the arms and legs, in preparation to fight or flight.

Our immune system, which keeps us safe from internal threats, uses a lot of energy. Defending ourselves from external threats takes preference over dealing with internal threats. To ensure that we have enough energy to fight or run away, the immune system is shut down. If we want to ensure our immune system functions well, it is vital that we reduce our stress levels.

How can you reduce our stress?

You can create a health-mindset and strengthen your immune system by reducing your stress levels. You can do that by:

  1. Staying out of survival mode
  2. Making sure you sleep enough
  3. Changing your subconscious thoughts by:
    1. Releasing many stress-forming emotions and beliefs
    2. Replacing them with uplifting emotions and beliefs
    3. By teaching the subconscious mind and body to be in harmony with its environment.

1. Reducing stress levels by staying out of survival mode

As explained earlier, when we are stressed, our body goes into survival mode. Blood is moved away from the digestive system and non-essential brain functioning. It is directed to the arms and legs to fight, flight or freeze.

This means that our ability to put things into perspective and solve problems is severely compromised. We tend to see things as threat because we are now hyper vigilant. This perpetuates our high stress levels, which in turn compromises our immune system.

We can pull ourselves out of survival mode and prevent getting stuck in it. We can do it with four simple Brain Gym® exercises call PACE. They are part of my daily routine and they work really well.

2. Make Sure You Sleep Enough

Our body restores itself during sleep and rest. Many of my clients became ill because they only give themselves permission to rest and sleep, when they are sick. If we want to decrease the chances of getting ill, it is vital that we give ourselves permission to rest when we are tired. Society has taught us:

  • We can only create success by working very hard.
  • We must push through our tiredness.

I suggest that when you are tired, rather take a short break and even have a short nap, before continuing. Productivity goes up and the immune system becomes stronger.

It is also important that we go to bed in time and sleep enough. Most people need between 6-8 hours of sleep. If you struggle to sleep, it helps to create a bedtime routine. This routine can include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Have a blue light filter on your devices. The blue light gives your brain the message it is daytime.
  2. Write down the things you want to do the next day. Get them out of your head onto paper, so you don’t start thinking about these things as soon as your head hits the pillow. Keep a pen and paper next to your bed, in case you remember more things.
  3. Do the PACE Brain Gym exercises before you go to bed.
  4. Stretch your muscles, especially your calves and hamstrings. When we are stressed, our muscles shorten. By lengthening our muscles to a relaxed state, we tell our subconscious that we are relaxed. We can now fall asleep easier.

3. Change Your Subconscious Beliefs

Beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our lives. Our Subconscious is constantly evaluating the information that comes in through our senses. It filters this information, based on our subconscious beliefs. If we filter the incoming information with fear-based beliefs, our stress levels go up. They also create fear-based emotions. This creates dis-ease which can develop into disease.

For example, a common fear-based belief is “I am not good enough”. We will now see everything through the glasses of not being good enough. We try and compensate. We must be perfect to be acceptable. Making mistakes is disastrous. We are now hypervigilant to make sure we don’t make mistakes. If we do make one, we dwell on it for a long time. We feel shame, unworthy and guilt for making mistakes. This pattern is stressful and harmful. According to Viana Stybal, developer of Theta Healing™, feeling guilty and unworthy makes us more prone to getting ill from viral and bacterial infections.

Our stress levels drop, and our immune system is boosted, when we release the fear-based beliefs and emotions. We cannot just use our will power to change our beliefs. But we can use repetition and subliminal messages to do that job. We have created specialised Immune Booster Apphirmations. (Affirmations you can play with our App) that addresses all these issues.

There are several Apps with affirmations on the market. Some of them also claim to boost your immune system. What makes our unique?

Regular affirmations

Our Specialised Apphirmations

Regular affirmations are uplifting statements that we repeat to ourselves. If they clash with our beliefs, we don’t accept them.

Our Apphirmations remove many fear-based limiting beliefs, before putting in uplifting statements. This prevents that we reject the Apphirmations

Regular affirmations speak to the mind only

Our Apphirmations speak to the body, mind, and spirit. They use Spirit to create changes in the body and mind

Regular affirmations say one affirmation directly after the other

Our Apphirmations are recorded with a special technique, which includes silent gaps. This ensures optimal absorption.

You have now access to our free immune booster for 14 days. Once you have purchased any paid Apphirmations you will continue to have access to these Immune Booster Apphirmations.