​From Victim To Master

​From Victim To Master


Course date: 7, 14 and 21 Feb 2020

Are you a victim of life at times? (even if you don’t want to admit this to others.) The time has come to let go of the Victim and become the Master of your life, by applying the tools you will learn in the course, From Victim to Master.

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  • Do you like to live your best version of you?
  • Do you like to enable others to be their best version too?
  • If yes, come learn how to enable others (and yourself) to effectively: - Build self-confidence - Develop emotional intelligence - Reduce anxiety - Release unresolved trauma - Overcome ADD/ ADHD and other behavioural issues - Deal with irritating people  
  •  Release unresolved trauma​
  • Stop abuse in your own life and in the lives of others
  • Recover from violence and abuse
  • Prevent being a victim in the future

When you book for the course you will also get two bonuses. See below for more details Our 3-day course From Victim to Master is perfect for people who have an interest in personal growth for themselves and/or others. You will have the opportunity to address your own issues. You also learn how to work with others and assist them with releasing their trauma in a safe and non-invasive manner. You can learn this, even if you have no experience with this type of work. For those of you, who are already a practitioner, this course will give you many extra tools. These tools can also be used to do consultations via the phone or internet. This can open new markets for you.


What makes our techniques unique:

  • We get great results, already within the first session.
  • The methods are easy to use.
  • We also address the root cause of our beliefs, emotions and habits, by addressing the unresolved trauma’s
  • Within one session, we can deal with the trauma of mother and child. Most people overlook the fact that parents are also traumatised by the traumas their child experiences.
  • Our techniques make it possible to easily and effortlessly shift beliefs, including inherited beliefs.
  • We can resolve relationship issues, even without the other party participating.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is open to anybody who feels they have been held back by traumatic experiences and ready to get over them.
Besides the tremendous personal growth you will experience, this three day course equips you to work and show others how to help themselves.
If you are already working with people who struggle with addictions, learning difficulties and other life-challenges either during childhood, the teenage years and as grown ups, then the techniques you learn in this course will help you.
Here’s an extra tip: If you are already  working  with the early childhood reflexes, this course will give you great tools to prevent integrated reflexes to play up again.

Course fees include

  • Manual
  • Brain Gym Certificate
  • Snacks.
  • You need to bring your own lunch.

Subjects the social workers wanted to learn

  • How to apply the knowledge in their work
  • How to positively inspire people in the community
  • To understand ourselves better
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to work with:
    Abuse including: Substance abuse and Sexual Abuse
  • How to release the Victim Mentality
  • How to grow personality
  • How to deal with the abnormalities of life
  • How to deal with child offenders
  • How to deal with foster care

Course Bonus 1

We have a web-based app called Apphirmations. With the course you will get specialised Apphirmations that you can listen to to reinforce what you learnt on the course. The value of these Apphirmations is $59.

Course Bonus 2

The second bonus is the book Happy Ever After, make your relationships flourish by Hanna Kok. It is a great reference book for the course and it is filled with many stories of how Hanna and her clients applied the information.


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