The New You


If we want to have quality of life, it is essential that we release anxiety and depression.


The New You

We have combined the Anxiety and Depression Release Apphirmations, together with the From Abuse to Repect Apphirmations, because they often go hand in hand. The new Apphirmations are called The New You

What will you get?

You will have access to 9 different Apphirmations. Each one will assist you to let go of depression and anxiety and replace it with self-confidence, love, joy and peace. We also release the survival mode, so that we can release the trauma, form healthy relationships (again) and more.

We have made the audio files as small as possible, which has affected the quality of the audio a little bit. As you will be listening to them as soft whispers, you will not notice the quality. We have included silent gaps between the Apphirmations to enhance their effectiveness.

Below you will find an audio sample, which includes Apphirmations from the different Apphirmations

Depression & Anxiety Release Apphirmations Subjects

  1. From self-doubt to Self-confident – 14:35
  2. Balanced Mind Body System – 39:58
  3. Overcome addiction – 8:23
  4. Reflexes – 17:27
  5. Emotions – 8:17
  6. Replace abuse with respect – 10:09
  7. Love, Joy, peace – 1:23
  8. Self-esteem release blocks – 3:34
  9. Self-esteem – 2:12