The Wealth Mindset Program Online


The Wealth Mindset Program is an easy & practical exercises on how to improve your self-esteem how to change your beliefs about yourself, life, & wealth. There is a great discount for couples!


This program is a combination of self study and individual coaching. You will receive the following:

  1. A manual in pdf format, which you can print.
  2. 18 videos, which are nearly 5 hours in total
  3. Wealth Mindset Apphirmations
  4. 4x 15 min coaching

You can start whenever you want and you can work at your own pace. You will make the appointments with us for the private coaching. The 4 coaching sessions are to be completed within 3 months of starting the course. If you want to receive a Brain Gym® in SA certificate after completion, you will need to fill in the work book and email it back to us, before we can send you your certificate.

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1 individual, 1 couple