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When you as a parent hear your child has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or any other condition (e.g. autism, dyslexia etc.), you feel your world has come to an end. The dreams you had for your child might be shattered and replaced by a nightmare. This doesn’t have to be like that. 

We have a high success rate with our medication free – three prong approach

  1. Identify and resolve trauma, start with one consultation
  2. Address possible allergies and sensitivities with our Optimal Learning Apphirmations
  3. Use Brain Gym® exercises to get the Brain & Body to work as a team

Before looking for solutions, let’s explore what the ADD/ADHD symptoms are telling us, so that it becomes easier to find a drug-free solution.

Understanding the Symptoms

People with ADD and ADHD struggle with concentration. They are easily distracted by every little sound or movement and they often are reactive which can lead to aggressive behaviour. Dr Carla Hannaford, author of the book Smart Moves, Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head., calls people with ADD and ADHD, SOHOH people. Stressed Out Survival Orientated Humans. The ADD and ADHD symptoms are similar to stress symptoms. ​If we look at the autism scale and the inability to communicate, they are also signs of stress, In my survey of people with ADD- ADHD and other learning difficulties, all of them have high anxiety levels.

Did you know that when we are stressed, we go into survival mode? Large parts of the brain switch off and our senses are heightened to pick up any possible danger. It becomes physiologically very difficult to concentrate. We have lost access to our higher brain power up to 85%, according to Dr Hannaford. When we identify what causes the stress and resolve it, we bring calmness back in the life of the person with ADD and ADHD.

ADHD medication free

ADD & ADHD without medication

In my practice I have seen three major contributors to the stress in people with ADD, ADHD and other learning difficulties

1. Unresolved trauma

 Unresolved trauma plays a huge role in creating stress. There are many standard medical procedures that have caused huge trauma. These include, planned C-section, Being put in an incubator after birth and more. To undo this trauma does NOT have to take years of psychotherapy. Many of our clients have been helped in 2-3 sessions. 

2. Allergies:

Restlessness, brain fog and other learning difficulties can be symptoms of allergies. Allergies can be resolved with our Optimal Learning Apphirmations.  If you or your child’s behaviour is affected by the food that was eaten, then allergies are at play. See below for more details.

3. Lack of internal organisation,

Lack of internal organisation can be resolved with Building Blocks Activities ​or by doing Brain Gym. We teach our clients these tools during the consultations


Did you know that a number of people are incorrectly labeled ADD or ADHD, because they are kinestetic learners. This means that they literally have to move in order to access their brain for learning. They seem restless and then they are labeled as ADD or ADHD.

If you or your child has ADD-ADHD or any learning difficulties, it is time to take action now.

Reducing allergies is made easy with our Apphirmations. 

If your child has unresolved trauma, it is vital it is resolved, because it is very likely that your child feels unsafe and stressed, because of that trauma. You can contact us to make an appointment, wherever you are in the world. We consult via Skype, Zoom, telephone and in person. 

You can book a consultation for you and / or your child with Hanna Kok online, right now.


Tips & Solutions for
ADD-ADHD & Other Learning Difficulties

If we want to learn to deal with the ADD- ADHD or any other learning difficulties it is important that we learn to understand it. We end up in a stress-loop. We struggle with learning and communication for some reason. Our inability to communicate and learn causes more stress which in turn causes the lack of brain activation or lack of brain-body integration. This stress is often triggered or aggravated by allergies and/or unresolved traumas that we might not be aware of.

Did you know that a number of people literally have to move in order to access their brain for learning? They are kinestetic learners. They are often labeled as restless. Why not give them a solution? These two videos give ideas on how to move while learning and how to integrate and activate the brain with the body, preparing you for learning.

No serious athlete would consider training or participating in a competition without warming up their body. It prevents injuries and increases performance. Have you ever warmed up your brain before learning? If you don’t you wont pull a nerve or something, but you are likely to get emotional damage. When the brain is “cold” and stressed, you are more likely to perceive situations as a threat, resulting in us overreacting. By warming up the brain with PACE from Brain Gym® daily, we can function more effectively.

A child with learning difficulties, lacks internal structure. Can you imagine what will happen if you can assist your child to create this internal structure? You can by learning the Building Blocks Activities

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