You probably are

Even if you don’t have a cat.

Continue reading to find out how you do it.

The poor cat

Imagine you have a cute cat, and you love it dearly. You accidently step on its tail. It hisses, screeches, and makes a hell of a noise. Because you were unaware of your actions, you continue stepping on your cat’s tail. You are now so irritated with your cat because it makes such a noise. You decide to take the cat the vet to get it’s vocal cords removed.

After a few days you bring your beloved cat home. BUT you didn’t change your unconscious habit. You continue stepping on the cat’s tail. It cannot scream because it has no more vocal cords. All it can do now is claw you. And it keeps clawing you every time you step on its tail. “WTF is going on with my beloved cat?” you wonder.

So back to the vet you go, to get the cat’s nails cut. You bring the cat home. You step on it’s tail again. It cannot scream! It cannot claw you, so now it has to bite you. And then you realise there must be something going on. That is when you discover your unconscious habit of stepping on the cat’s tail. You change your habit and you cat is again that loving pet that you used to have.

How are we stepping on our cat’s tail?

This is what we do to our body, every time we only pop some pills to remove symptoms. It is vital that we analyse what our body is trying to communicate with us. And if we don’t change our ways, our body will give us new and more severe symptoms. And then one day we are surprised that we are severely ill or burnt out.   We had overlooked the warning signs. And only now we realise we need to change our ways.

Stress – Dis-ease – Disease

Whenever we have a disease, it means that we have dis-ease. Something causes stress for us. And that stress doesn’t come from the events. It comes from what we think about the event. This means that our thinking creates the stress. Many illnesses can be avoided when we learn to recognise the warning signs. And we use them to learn to look at and think differently about life. This creates mental health.

Increase productivity and profitability

When we are stressed and/or sick, we are definitely less productive. We either are absent, or we have presenteeism. (This means our bodies are at work, but the mind is functioning far below its capacity.) When we increase productivity, we also increase profitability.

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