I am writing this email in my home office. I have just come off a webinar that is replacing our face to face meetings. Are you worried? Are you infected? Can our whispers help you cope?

Even though times are challenging, we do have a choice, are we going to get bitter or better? Are we going to get upset or are we going use these challenging times as an opportunity to grow? How can we be pro-active?

We Create Our Own Reality

Many people already live by the principle that we create our own reality. How can we apply this here too? How can we focus on health and safety instead of disease and disruption?

Stay Informed

Staying informed is important, because people might come with new inputs. We need to get the rules and recommendation. BUT don’t get over informed! If we constantly watch the news and fill our mind with pictures of people dying, panic and more, this just will feed our fear and can lead to panic! That mindset is more likely to attract situations that will lead to more challenging situations.

Stay Protected:

Stay protectedWe all know about reducing bodily contact and washing hands, but we don’t have to go overboard.

I just saw a video on how breathing in hot air can help to protect you and speeds up the recovery process. If this is true. (There is a lot of fake news out there, but I couldn’t find this claim to be listed as fake news)

They suggest we breathe in hot air, by using a hairdryer. If we don’t have one, we could steam with hot water, and maybe add some aroma therapy oils to it, like tea tree, which is a disinfectant.

Boost Your Immune System

StressedA very important way of staying safe is by strengthening our immune system, because in the end, it is our immune system that must overcome the disease.

We can strengthen our immune system by:

    • Eating wholesome and healthy foods
    • Ensuring we sleep enough, so the body can repair itself.
    • Reduce our stress levels. (This is why it is so important to stay calm, instead of panic)

There are many things that cause stress. They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Our subconscious beliefs we have about ourselves and our life
  2. Food sensitivities/ allergies

How Can Our Allergy Relief Apphirmations Help You?

Our Allergy Relief Apphirmations addresses these two causes of stress. People who have used them experienced the following:

  • They feel a lot calmer
  • They feel much more positive about life
  • Allergy symptoms have decreased or disappeared completely
  • They get ill less often (from their allergies)
  • They recover quicker from an illness (related to their allergies)
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Here are some testimonials:


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Allergy Relief for 1 monthThe normal price for the Allergy Relief Apphirmations is R750.00. This is a once-off payment for life-time access. We have decided to run a special for a limited period, so that you can have access to the Allergy Relief Apphirmations for 1 month for only R95.00! One month is enough to run through the complete cycle so that you can truly experience what they can do for you and your family.

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How do the Allergy Relief Apphirmations work?

talking handbagHow do the Allergy Relief Apphirmations work? You play the Apphirmations from our website www.thelife-youwant.com. You play them as a soft whisper, either when you are sleeping, or during the day. (Walk around with a talking handbag) The Apphirmations reprogram the subconscious through repetition and through subliminal messaging (The soft whisper).

The Allergy Relief Apphirmations are specifically designed. They are based on my training as a medical intuitive (through Theta Healing TM) and my training as an allergy practitioner. They also have been inspired by books like “Heal Your Body” by Louise L. Hay, Afformations by Noah St. John and many more.

Many teachers mention that this is a great time for inner reflection and doing some soul work. The Apphirmations can be a great tool for this.

Give Yourself and Your Family the Best Chance

How about listening to the Allergy Relief Apphirmations, for a price that is less than a take-out meal. They will feed your soul and assist in keeping you calm in these tumultuous times. The better your frame of mind is, the easier it will be to find solutions to the challenges you and your family are facing.

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If you want to purchase our Apphirmations and/or courses, but you live outside South Africa, we can send you a PayPal invoice and activate your purchases manually. This will ensure your full access to the Apphirmations of your choice in the currency you prefer.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not claiming that the Allergy Relief Apphirmations will prevent or cure your illnesses.