Have you read any posts or articles on how this pandemic is part of a big conspiracy theory, and how an elite few want to control the masses? Is this true? I don’t know. I do know that it could be true. Therefore, it is so important that we focus on outsmarting any conspiracy theory that could be true. How can we do this?

  1. Realise we create everything in our reality
  2. We can change our future
  3. Focus on creating the future we want.

1. Realise we create everything in our reality.

If we take full responsibility for everything that is happening in our life, we accept that we have the power to uncreate unwanted outcomes. If it is true that certain individuals are trying to control the world, we need to realise that they are a manifestation of the collective consciousness of humans. If we are worried and upset with the perpetrators, guaranteed they are a reflection of how we treat ourselves and/or others.

Most people still live in the dog-eat-dog power paradigm based on fear and the belief in lack, and the mainstream media is feeding us this message every day. The focus is on enriching yourself and not considering others. This fuels the behaviour of corruption, violence, and human trafficking to name a few. The more fearful we are, the more we feel victimised and the more we give our power away. If we take responsibility for everything in our life, we are also responsible for all the things we disapprove of. We add to the collective consciousness.

2. We can change our future!

Out-climb the dogOne of my favourite quotes is by Maria Montessori. “When you are climbing a ladder and a dog is biting your ankles, you have the choice to stop and kick the dogs or”to continue climbing out of reach of the dogs.

The more we talk about and share our worries about the Conspiracy Theory, the more we are part of the problem. We keep ourselves and other bound by fear. We are stopping to kick the dogs. If on the other hand, we can focus more on love, unity, co-operation and focus on what brings us true fulfilment and joy, then we shift from fear to love. We are now climbing out of reach of the dogs. If more and more people of us shift from fear to love, then there is no room for the conspiracy theory. They can only control people through fear. If we are not in fear, they cannot control us, or we will not experience them, while others do.

An interesting story.

A friend of mine told me that she went to a rally on a big field. She had a wonderful and peaceful experience. When she arrived home, family members contacted her, because they were worried about her, because the rally she had attended had turned violent. She saw the scenes on the news. The violence probably happened on the other side of the field and she hadn’t experienced it at all. She was not in that fear energy and she didn’t experience it.

3. Focus on the future we want

What we give our energy to, grows. Instead of giving our energy to fear generating conspiracy theories, let us rather focus on creating the future we want. We can do this by changing our subconscious programming, replacing our fears, and limiting beliefs with love-based ones. We can also invest our time and energy in doing what we love and doing forgiveness ‘work’.

Forgiveness “work” by using Ho’oponopono.

Dr Hew LenThere is the inspiring story about Dr Hew Len who used Ho’oponono to heal a complete ward of mentally ill criminals.  How did he do this? Dr Len explains in his own words: “I was simply healing the part of me that created them”. The journalist who wrote the article said: “Actually, he used to sit in his office and look at the patients’ files. While perusing them, he would feel something, a pain, an empathy. Then he started the healing on himself, taking full responsibility for what was going on with a given patient. That’s how those people got better, because their doctor had the strange view that it was himself who needed the healing, not them.”

Dr Len used the following 4 simple sentences. I have added between brackets a little explanation about who he was talking to. Remember, he never spoke to the individuals directly, it was a private process.

  1. I am sorry (He was saying this to the inmate)
  2. Please forgive me (For needing you to play this role so that I can heal myself)
  3. Thank you (For giving me the opportunity to heal myself)
  4. I love you (He could say it to that person, but we can also say it to ourselves or to the Divine)

I have decided to do a daily Ho’oponopono  process myself, focussing on people and organisations I struggle with. These people include corrupt politicians, power hungry people.

If we want to ensure those conspiricy theories don’t come true it is important that we focus on healing the power hungry aspects within ourselves by doing the Ho oponopono process on those groups we feel are trying to control the world.

Changing our subconscious programming

Our subconscious mind runs our life 95% of the time and it is filled with many fear programs, from ourselves and what has been passed down to us from many generations and we probably will/have passed it down to our children. How can we change this?

Any of my Apphirmations are a great tool to release the fear from within the subconscious.

Daphne Ferreira contacted me because of a security issue. Her alarm was activated each night between 1 and 3 am. The dogs would go crazy, and she couldn’t sleep. She started using the Atmosphere Apphirmations. This is her experience:

“I can honestly say that I am not as anxious as I previously was and that I mostly sleep peacefully during nights. The alarm still goes off and my dogs still bark, but they are not as aggressive as before. They even seem to have calmed down substantially at night. Just listening to Hanna’s soothing voice at night has a very positive effect on my wellbeing. In one month, I had a 25% decrease in alarm activations.”

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Vinish and his brother were struggling with their Corona virus infection. He was scared. So, they used my Immune Booster Apphirmations. We have the 14-day-trail Apphirmations for free.  This is what he had to say about his experience with the App:

“I listened continuously to the App. It was amazing. It helped me and my brother to recover fast. The words were very healing and motivated me to get better fast.”

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In conclusion:

The conspiracy theories could be true. Instead of letting them fill us with fear, let us rather focus on outsmarting them, or at least not becoming a victim of them. It is vital that we shift from fear to love. My challenge to you is, to take some time you use now to feed your fear monster, to develop your ability to operate from love. You can use the techniques I suggested, or you can do something else. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something!

If you are worried about any conspiracy theory, then please share this post to all your contacts. The more people shift from fear to love, the smaller the chance these conspiracy theories come true.