What does go with the flow mean to you? Does it mean:

  • Taking the easy way out
  • A great excuse to be lazy
  • Following the masses
  • Or something else

Go with the flow quote

Today I am sharing with you my personal method for living life. This is method is making me more successful, happy, and relaxed.

Staying in my comfort zone

2022 is for me the year of going with the flow. Doing only what I enjoy and feel good about. Does that mean that I am going to stagnate? No! It means that I am going to do things that are good for me. Many people say that if we want to grow, we must get out of our comfort zone. But I don’t like getting out of my comfort zone. Luckily, I have it from two reliable sources that this saying doesn’t have to be true.

  1. Halo Ben Asher is my Bliss coach. I have learnt from her that the more we feel blissful, the more we can successfully attract what we want.
  2. My business coach gave me these wise words. “If something lies outside your comfort zone, grow your comfort zone. Then you can comfortably do the thing that you were dreading before.”

Going with the Flow

Going with the flow, for me, means following my heart. I ask myself “What makes my heart sing?” or “What is my deepest desire?”  Once I know what is important to me, I use that as my north star. I use that to guide every major (and minor) choice that I make.

As I move forward towards pursuing my desire, I ask myself “Which methods feel right for me?” It can happen that my methods are different from what the masses and even gurus advise. If the general method, doesn’t work for me, it is important that I find something that will work for me.

What will work?

I want to learn to create success with the law of attraction. Have you heard about that law? It is about how we attract all the all experiences in our life. But the other day I was reminded that it is actually, the law of resonance. We can only attract things on the vibrational level we are at. In other words, if we are angry most of the time, we are going to attract more things that make us angry. If we want to attract things that make us happy, we need to become happy first.

My personal story

One of my goals is that I want to grow my coaching business. But I have an aversion to social media. The general marketing advise is post at least 2-3x a week and preferably every day or even more. I will post every now and then. I cannot motivate myself to do it regularly. And I am not ready to get someone else to do it for me. For others social media is great, but it does not make my heart sing at all.

My two major marketing pillars are:

  1. Work with the law of resonance
  2. Networking, especially with BNI (Business Networking International.)


1. Working with the law of resonance

I work daily with the law of resonance by making it my top priority to feel good. I do this by :

  • Writing in my appreciation journal daily,
  • Having daily quiet time.
  • Listening to my Apphirmations every night.
  • If I am upset or feel triggered by something, I work through the emotion and let it go.

While the masses teach us to do a lot of external work, my focus is on doing the internal work. I love that, so it works for me. It might not work for you.

2. Networking

I do enjoy chatting to people and looking for referrals for others. What we sow is what we reap. So the more I help others, the more successful I become too.

As a member of BNI, I have given referrals to others, and I have received many great referrals myself.

I have noticed how lately bigger and better opportunities are coming my way. This is happening since I make the conscious effort to work through things that trigger me. I also analyse who inspires me. Because that gives me an indication what I want to change in my life. With that inner work I raise my vibration. I now energetically align myself with greater opportunities.

Not so long ago, after I had worked through a major upset, all of a sudden people started to find me on Google. And I have done no advertising. I also have other great opportunities coming to me, through BNI referrals and other referrals.

Going with the flow with my marketing is going against the mainstream methods. I am not following the masses. I am following my heart.

Do you want to create success & happiness, by going with the flow?

In my coaching business I teach my clients to go with the flow too. This is what Uzma Hadi had to say after 6 months of coaching. Life becomes so much easier when we do the inner-work.

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