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Everybody tells you that you cannot become successful without putting in the hard work. But was is this hard work that is required of us? Does this mean that we must put in long hours and keep pushing and pulling until we are there? And what is the personal cost? Do we now have to give up sleep, family time and only work? Do we reach the top, while leaving every body who is important to us, behind?

The answer to this question depends on how you are going to do the hard work. You can do it as described above in a physical way, or you can do the hard work in a non-physical way.

Doing hard work the non-physical way.

Science of Getting Rich100 years ago, Wallace D Wattle, wrote a book, “The Science of Getting Rich”. This book can be downloaded for free from the resource library on my website. Below I am paraphrasing what he says about creating anything, including wealth.

Everything is created out of non-physical material (energy), and there is an unlimited supply of this energy. This energy is transformed into matter by imprinting thought onto this non-physical material

If we want to become wealthy, we need to learn to think correctly. The truth and correct thought are that the Universe is abundant, and anything is possible.

This is bad emoji  It is much easier to let your thoughts be formed by what your surroundings suggest you should think. E.g. when you see poverty, it is much easier to think thoughts of poverty and lack. Yet the truth is that abundance is possible at any time.

There is no work that people avoid as much as taking charge of their thinking and to keep sustained and consecutive thought. This is the hardest work in the world. This is especially true when the truth of abundance is contrary to appearances. Every appearance in the visible world tends to produce a corresponding form in the mind which observes it, and this can only be prevented by holding the thought of TRUTH.

What does this mean for us practically

 In other words, if we want to change our life, we need to change the way we think. This will change the way we feel, and our feelings attract more of what we feel. Saying empty positive words are useless. It is important that we really connect with the feelings we will experience when we are in the desired situation. We need to have the feelings as if it already happened. We hold that dream, and we wait until we get a Divinely inspired idea. How do we regonise that? It is simple and it feels exciting, although it can be scary

The non-physical hard work route doesn’t mean we can sit still and do nothing. The difference is that inspired action feels so great, that it doesn’t feel like hard work. It is energising. So there will be times when we put in many others and there will also be time to rest and have fun. That is the big difference between the physical and non-physical hard work methods.


study to change your mindsetLearn the non-physical hard work

Changing our beliefs and attitude doesn’t happen by itself. We need to put some time and effort in. As Wallace D Wattle mentioned, it is hard work. That is why it is important to get help.

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Apphirmations are different from regular affirmations. Besides putting positive statements in, we also release much of your self-sabotaging programming. They can be played subliminally by playing them softly and they loop, so that you get the repetition needed for reprogramming the subconscious.

We have a wide range of subjects you can choose for. They are great for sorting out your issues while you are sleeping. You will be able to listen to free samples with each one.

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Free ApphirmationsFree self-help solutions to train your mind.

We have free Apphirmations that you can listen to, to stay focused on the truth of abundance. You can find them on our website under Apphirmations. These will assist in replacing self-sabotaging beliefs with supportive ones.


Reading or listening to Audio Books

scribd iconIf we want to change our subconscious programming it is vital that we train our mind a new way of thinking. I love audio books. And I love the work of Joe Dispenza. In the mind-movie I have created (more about that later) I use some of his teachings where he teaches us to disconnect from the physical world by becoming a no-body, no-thing, no-where in no-time. When we stop associating with the 3-dimensional world, we become a 5th dimensional body, where we can manifest much faster.

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Instead of using affirmations, we can work with Afformations. This is a technique developed by Noah St John, where we ask questions to stimulate the mind to think desired thoughts. Instead of saying I am healthy, we can ask “Why am I healthy?” it is important that the questions feel right. If the question “Why am I healthy” is too much of a stretch, we can change it to “Why is it possible for me to be healthy?”


Watch mind-movies.

We can use the technique of creating a mind-movie. When we want to apply the law of attraction, it is important that we envision the desired outcome. We want to be able to see, hear, smell, touch and taste it. We also need to feel the emotions we will feel when we have reached our goals. That is not always easy. There is software available that can assist us to make a mind-movie. With a mind movie it is a little easier to get more senses involved and evoke the desired emotions. It is counter productive when we look at something we want and then think “Ahh I don’t have it. That is a bummer!” Those emotions will attract more situations that will reinforce the lack you are experiencing right now. The mind-movies can really assist in switching our emotions. You can google them and download their App, which will give you access to their free mind-movies

At this stage I wasn’t ready to buy the software, so I created a mind-movie using PowerPoint. I watch my mind movie every morning before I get up and every night before I fall asleep. It is a general one and I am sharing mine with you, so that you can be inspired to create your own, or you can use mine. I am mainly using Afformations in my mind-movie.

In Conclusion

If you want to create The Life You Want, you will need to do the hard work, physically or the non-physical way. If you go the non-physical route, we have given you some tools that I am using. Do have other tools and suggestions, please post them in a comment. It will be much appreciated.