Why is it hard to get what you want?

Our mindWe use our mind to go after our goals and desires, to get what we want. The “problem” is that we have three minds and we don’t know how to use them optimally. The minds we have are:

  1. The conscious
  2. The subconscious
  3. The super-conscious

The Conscious mind

We activate this mind when we give our full attention to something. We use the conscious mind to pursue our dreams, goals and desires. Most people only use this mind 5% of the time, or less. Then who is in charge the rest of the time?

The Subconscious mind

Fearful SubconsciousThe subconscious runs our life 95% of the time. It is like the operating system on our phone or computer. It runs in the background and takes full control as soon as we are not actively/consciously using other programs. It processes life, based on our subconscious programming. The problem is that most of the subconscious is shaped between conception and age seven. It is passed on from generation to generation, making many of the programs outdated, fear filled and limiting.

This means that often, we are like a fear filled 7-year old, dealing with adult challenges. This easily makes us feel threatened. When we feel unsafe, the frontal lobes, where our wisdom and problem-solving capabilities lie, switches off up to 85%. It becomes even harder to put things into perspective. Do you now understand why so many of us are struggling and feel overwhelmed during these challenging times?

The Super-conscious mind

This is our spiritual mind,  our connection with the Divine. It is the most powerful mind of all three. It has the power to reprogram our subconscious, but there are some conditions to accessing it.

  1. Our super-conscious mind only takes over, if we invite it in to take charge of our life “Not my will, but Thy will”
  2. The more we are in a space of love-peace and joy, the easier it is to connect with it.
  3. It speaks the language of silence. This means that we need to become quiet to hear the Divine inspiration. And then we have the choice to act on this inspiration.
  4. We need to develop faith, because often we have to wait for the divine timing, before we can take action

Getting what we want

If we want to get what we want, it is essential that we focus much more than 5% of our minds on our dreams, goals and desires.

Three ways to have what you want. Go to the Wealth Mindset Page[/button]

  1. Practice mindfulness so that we can increase our 5% of conscious activities. This takes practice.
  2. Reprogram our subconscious mind with our Apphirmations. We can do this while we sleep, or we are doing other things. We just run them softly in the background. They remove many of the outdated, limiting programs and replace them with new beliefs that are much more supportive of our dreams, goals and desires.

Our clients have experienced major shifts in their overall well-being, including a significant improvement in their:

      • Health,
      • Wealth,
      • Quality of relationships
      • Scholar abilities
      • And more
  1. Use the Super Conscious to inspire us and to reprogram the subconscious. When the super conscious takes over, our Divinely Inspired visions and actions pull us forth with enthusiasm and energy, not giving the subconscious much chance to run the show.

With our Apphirmations, we activate the Super Conscious to create the changes in the lives of our users. This is why we have seen such amazing results!

Where to from here

If we want to create a successful life during and after lockdown, it is vital that we don’t use our outdated, lie telling, fear filled subconscious mind to run the show. Now we really need subconscious filled with new and supportive programs, so that it will stop sabotaging and propel us towards our dreams, goals and desires.

We have a few very cost-effective solutions for you

  1. Our Wealth Mindset online course, is a combination of self-study (watching our videos) and time with me. You can start this course right now. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a special where a second person can join for an extra 10%. When you click on Go to the Wealth Mindset course now, you can watch a few of our Wealth Mindset Videos for free on our Wealth Mindset course page

This course includes the Wealth Mindset Apphirmations.

  1. Our Wealth Mindset Apphirmations are very affordable, and are great for reprogramming the limited thinking, outdated parts of the subconscious mind

It is time to take action!

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