First some doom and gloom
When I look at our current South African government policies, I cringe. They say they want to create prosperity for all, but in the mean time they violate every universal law there is to create prosperity. One of them is the law of fair exchange. Expropriation without compensation doesn’t seem so fair to me. Another law is the law of cause and effect, also known as “What you sow is what you reap”. Another way of saying the same thing is “What you do to others, you do to yourself too”. This means that when you take wealth away from others, you will lose your wealth too. The politicians might argue that they are uplifting the poor by giving them land and more. But there is a huge difference between giving your own and giving other people’s possessions away. And it is obvious, that if people with money and possessions don’t feel that their belongings are safe, they are going to take them elsewhere. A huge de-investment will take place, which will lead to more poverty.

What is the Solution?
If we want to create wealth, regardless of our circumstances and idiotic governments (all over the world), we can work with universal laws:
1. The Law of Attraction
2. The Law of Cause and Effect
3. The Laws That Govern Money

1. the Law of Attraction.
You attract the things that are a vibrational match to how you feel. If you feel self-respect, you will attract experiences and opportunities that make you feel good about yourself. This will include opportunities to create wealth. The key to creating abundance is to act on those opportunities that often present themselves as ideas. In my From Victim to Master course, you can learn how to love and respect yourself from the inside out and how to recognise these opportunities. I will be teaching this course 9-11 November in Dubai and 8-10 December in Midrand South Africa. We also do one-on-one consultations with people from all over the world, to assist people to change their beliefs.

2. The law of cause and effect.
When we are fearful and believe in lack, we see everything as black and white, literally and figuratively. When we are stressed, our brain goes into survival mode and we are unable to see the opportunities that are available. When our actions are motivated by lack, we attract more lack.
When we feel good about ourselves, it is much easier to look at the world and the people in it, with eyes of love. We can now see more opportunities and how we can co-operate with others to create more wealth together. This is when we can become the Rainbow Nation we are destined to be.
3. The Laws that Govern Money
Donna McCallum is an expert on teaching people about how to create money magic. I have attended a number of her courses and she has helped me a lot to create more wealth and more direction. I love her holistic and even spiritual approach to this subject.
She has a free video series you can watch on how to work with the laws that govern money. Click on her picture to get the video training.
In Conclusion
Even if the world around us seems to be scary and unfriendly, we can create a peaceful, fulfilling and abundant life, by working with Universal Laws/Principles. If you need assistance, come and get some help. You are worth investing in.

​Hanna Kok – Peace Facilitator