We seem to have no control over what is happening in our lives. Rape, murder, abuse, crimes, accidents, and more, are the order of the day. How can we be in charge of our life, in this crazy world? \

The first step we need to take is to accept that we have co-created everything in our lives.

We attract what happens in our lives. Does this mean that it is our fault that we got raped, abused or something else? It is not about who’s fault it is. It is about accepting it happened and taking responsibility how we respond and doing what we can to prevent it in the future. We are not a complete victim.

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract everything into our lives and especially through our emotions. Research has proven that criminals don’t choose their victims randomly. What we radiate affects how people respond to us. The problem is that what we radiate is linked our subconscious beliefs and feelings and this cannot be controlled consciously. It is important that we change how we feel.

If we want to be in charge of our life in this crazy world, it is important that we learn how to work with the law of attraction. There are only four things we have to do:

e ear of what we want for our lives. (If we don’t know the details, we can be clear on how we want to feel. It is about having an intention of what we want for our lives..
Connect with that intention (preferably) daily.
Ensure that you are happy. E.g. If we feel angry, instead of letting ourselves run with that anger, we actively look for ways to feel better. We might need to get help to understand our anger, we probably need to do forgiveness work and more. On my web site are some great videos on the forgiveness process called Ho’oponopono. Go and watch them and APPLY IT.
Do things you enjoy. Take inspired action. We will get ideas of what we can do next. Inspired action is energising. When we get this idea, go and do it. These things make us feel energised. Let’s stop doing things that we dread. Read my blog on how to refuse doing jobs you dislike and still get the job done!.

You will also learn great tools to take charge of your life in this crazy world with our From Victim to Master course!

In Conclusion

The more we take responsibility for everything that happens in our life, the more we are in charge. Apply the four points mentioned above and life will change, guaranteed.
​I am speaking out of experience.