• Do you feel stuck?
  • Have you reached the end of a dead-end street?
  • Are you wondering “Now what?”

Life is getting a little more normal, but it probably will never be the same again. This period has given us the opportunity to rethink what we want to do with our life. Some of us have lost their job, or business grinded to a halt, while others started to think about what they like and dislike in their life. Many of us are feeling a stuck or lost That is normal, Corona or not, many of us will have periods in our life where we feel stuck. We do not know what our next step should be

Do you feel stuck with any of the following?

  • Career/education
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Mindset
  • Life is in a rut
  • Cannot get any service out of institutions

 A new way of getting unstuck

Some of us might feel stuck because:

  • Our current actions did not give the desired result.
  • We do not know what we want.
  • We know what we want, but we do not know how to create change.
  • Something else.

Today I am going to share with you a new way of getting unstuck. I came across a great formula, it said:
Be x Do = Have.

The Have is the outcome we want to achieve,
The Do is made up by our actions
The Be is who we are as a person.

When people use this model, their priority focus is: “If I want to have something, I have to do ….” Fill in the blanks. The focus is on the doing.

On the other hand, we have the Law of Attraction. It says that we need to know what we want, that is the Have, and then it is important that we focus on our beingness. We are to focus on the vibration we radiate.

The problem is that when we are stuck, we tend to feel frustrated, which will attract more things to get frustrated with. We can get unstuck when we focus on changing our state of being. This is much easier because this is something that is fully under our control. However, this is easier said than done. Below you can find some suggestions on what to do.

During my coaching sessions, I use the following steps:

  1. Analyse the situation that we feel stuck with.
  2. Identify the outcome we desire.
  3. Focus on raising our vibration,
    • Forgiving ourselves and others for what has happened up till now.
    • Understanding what we are to learn from the stuck situation. Implement the new learning
  4. The situation gets unstuck by itself or we feel inspired to do something, relatively small, which will get the ball rolling again.

Success Stories
For Mariette Manser is an executor of deceased estates. After the death of a person, she ensures that the estate is wound up as soon as possible. She also helps the family to get access to some of the funds, while the estate is being wound up. She can only do this after she has received a certain letter from the Masters’ Office. Mariette requested one of these letters on the 23rd of March and by 2nd of September, she still had not received it. No matter what she did, nothing happened. On the 2nd of September she had a coaching session with me, where we identified what she had to learn from the stuck situation. We also planned how she was going to implement this new learning.

The very next day, she received an email from the Masters’ office, telling her that she can collect the letter the next day. This result is priceless.

Vinish had been unemployed for 4 months, before that he had worked 18 months without full pay. After two coaching sessions, people approached him with a business offer. They had approached him with this offer a few years ago, but he had declined. The deal re-appeared because he is ready now.

In conclusion
When we feel stuck, we can always create movement by raising our vibration by focusing on our wellbeing. This could mean that we drop what we are doing and go and do something relaxing.

If you feel you need assistance, please contact me. Come and see me for a coaching session and then you can experience how I can assist you. From there you can decide how to move forward.

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