You do not need to suffer(period)

Did you know that four women out of ten, struggle with their periods? Are you one of them or do you know or suspect someone that has this problem? Then please forward this email to them.

Does your period rule your life?

Is your monthly cycle so bad that you dread it every month? You plan your life around it. You make sure that you don’t have to travel or have important meetings that time of the month. You feel depressed.

Are you a nightmare for others that time of the month?

Are you your family’s / colleague’s biggest nightmare? Your partner or colleagues can do nothing right. In their attempt to help you, they go and buy medication for you, so they don’t have to deal with your moods. You crave the weirdest foods at the weirdest times. At work you are a mess. And the people around you wish you would move to a deserted island during that time of the month.

Is the pain hell?

Is the pain so agonising that you are crawling on the floor? That pain might last 1-2 weeks a month. You need very heavy pain medication. You might even get migraines. You feel bloated and super uncomfortable.  You just want to stay in bed, lie in the foetal position and sulk. People around you feel helpless because they cannot help you with your agony. Due to the pain and/or the medication, you miss work several days a month. If you miss more than 5 days a month, you get into trouble.

Is the bleeding excessive?

Is the bleeding so bad that you dread long business meetings, because you will bleed through your clothes? You are in terror of being teased for bleeding through your clothes. The heavy bleeding last for days or even weeks. And the loss of blood leaves you feeling deflated with no energy.

What medical interventions have you used or are you contemplating?

Are you on hormone medication or other medication? They come with side effects, like high blood pressure and water retention. You might consider a hysterectomy, just to make the pain stop, even if you are still young.

Do you feel you have tried everything, but nothing has really worked well?

You do not need to suffer(period)

Have you given up hope to ever finding a lasting solution to your period nightmare?
Have you tried everything and after many disappointing results, you accepted your lot?

What if you could open the door to a new life?

Can you even imagine what a new life could look like? In this new life:

  • You have energy
  • You are pain free
  • Your periods are easily manageable
  • Menstruation is a part of your life, without ruining it.
  • You will have the energy to go after your goals

Women have turned their life around, within a few months of working with me, with my drug (hormone) free and surgical free program.

Success Story

Nicoline Jooste is a Major in the defence force.
Major Jooste is diagnosed with stage 4 of endometriosis.
Before she worked with me her periods were a nightmare. They would last 5-11 days, with very heavy bleeding. Her migraines were so bad that she had to carry an epi pen. She also needed blood pressure medication with 70mg of the active ingredient. And her water retention tablets had 25mg of the active ingredient. She suffered from dust allergies for 18 years, which forced her to take allergy medication  daily.

She was a major from hell during that time of the month. Nobody could do anything right. The pain was so bad that she loved to go to bed and sulk. But if it lasted more than 5 days, she would get into trouble for missing work.

She felt depressed and insecure. And she had no energy. This was especially hard when she was in the field. Because she had no access to clean water or toilets. She only had a spade and the bush.

A gynaecologist was treating her, but nothing really helped. And she was still on a lot of medication. She received the Marina Loop, but the bleeding was still bad.

Her periods went from hell to heaven.

After working a few months with me she experienced many changes.  She feels now that she is in charge of her life.  The bleeding has stopped completely. (That is normal if you have the marina loop.) She has so much energy, that she is even surprised. And the field trips are a breeze.

She has no more migraines. She is off all allergy medication. Her other medication is much lighter. Her blood pressure medication has dropped from 70mg to 4mg. And her water retention tablets dropped from 25mg to 2mg.

After our work together, she went back to the gynaecologist for a check-up. He was amazed and surprised how well she was doing and that she managed to stabilise her endometriosis. That had never happened for her before.

You do NOT need to suffer!

You can take charge of your life too

Be Pain Free (period)