Wonder why you procrastinate on things you really want to do, why you sabotage your direction? You WANT to succeed, but for some reason you find yourself motionless? You decide today to work on something for 6 hours and you do other things instead.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You can’t seem to stop yourself. You commit to one thing and then see yourself going to do something else and ask yourself, “What is going on?”

It’s as if you’re having an out of body experience, or as if part of you is disconnected from the other. I have been there, and find myself back there every so often as I expand and move to a higher level of operation. It often shows up when I am about to embark on my next “thing.”

There is a rabbit hole you can follow down to the source, a common and familiar source for most everyone.

I remember when I had to market my courses. I would struggle to write those emails or create social media posts. And I would struggle even more with having to follow-up. I would catch myself thinking of all other projects that needed to be completed first. Or I would just play one more game of solitaire.

It felt to me like I was bombarding people and being a nuisance. I remember having sleepless nights, because I knew what I needed to do, but I just couldn’t motivate myself doing it.

I didn’t understand why I was sabotaging my own good intentions. Looking back on it, I realise now I was struggling with worthiness. I couldn’t see myself as a successful businesswoman. I had this belief of being small and my actions then only created small results. These small results would then reaffirm for me that I was small and so the cycle continued.

Did you know that the single biggest issue many in our community and world are grappling with is Worthiness. This disconnect has a powerful effect on your ability to move forward with confidence, creating, exploring and being authentic. Being separated from your true worthiness is the root of the self-sabotage, procrastination, fear, depression, anxiety, side-tracking…keeping you from your best life.

Are You Worthy Enough to Love Yourself? Tools to Magnify Worthiness so You Can Move Forward

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