• Has your child been able to study at home?
  • Is it up to date or behind?
  • If you are a student, how confident do you feel about passing this academic year?
  • As a parent or grandparent, how are you coping?

There is a lot of catching up to do when the kids eventually go back. How can this be done?

Using the power of the mind

Our mind plays a key role in our ability to learn

  1. The more self-confident we are in our abilities to learn, the easier we can absorb, retain and apply the information
  2. The safer we feel and relaxed we are, the easier our brain can absorb and retain information

Our subconscious programming

Our self-confidence is hugely affected by our subconscious mind. The subconscious is in charge of our life, 95% of the time. It is like the computer’s operating system that runs in the background. If that operating system has bugs in it, the programs we use, do not function properly. For example, if the save function is faulty, we lose all the work we have done.

The same applies to our mind, if we have programming where we believe “This is too hard”, or “We are going to fail”, we are unable to store and retrieve all the information we attempted to put in.

What shapes our subconscious programming?

What shapes our subconscious programming? Most of it is formed between conception and age seven. When we were young, we blindly copied the beliefs (Programming) from the people around us. Traumas we experience, also shaped that programming. Much of our programming is passed on from generation to generation, including through our culture and family traditions.

Our subconscious programming is full of self-sabotaging beliefs like:

  • self-sabotageLife is hard
  • Life is a struggle
  • I will only appreciate what I have when I had to struggle/fight for it
  • I am stupid
  • I cannot remember
  • I am bad at maths (Or any other subject)
  • My parents couldn’t do it, so I will struggle too.
  • I dislike my teacher, so I dislike the subject.
  • I am a failure/loser
  • In my culture we cannot do …
  • Girls cannot do …
  • Boys cannot do …

How the subconscious affects our learning

Scholars and students are doing their best to learn, while their subconscious programmes run in the background. Especially when they struggle, their minds are flooded with the self-sabotaging beliefs. How successful is this learning is going to be? In class learners might have the teacher/lecturer and friends to help them, but when they are struggling at home alone, this subconscious voice becomes a lot louder. Parents also have to deal with their subconscious chatter, making them feel inadequate too.

The more rubbish we tell ourselves, the harder it becomes to motivate ourselves to do the actual work.

How can this be solved?

I have mentioned many times before, when we do our Brain Gym exercises, we are present in the here and now and the subconscious-self-sabotaging voice is less prominent. They also calm us down. If we do these exercises every time before we study or work, it will be easier. Click on the image, so watch the PACE video.


Change the subconscious programming

Changing the subconscious is hard work, if we attempt to do it with our conscious mind, because our subconscious is 1,000,000x more powerful than the conscious mind.  Start telling ourselves that we are clever, enjoy learning or anything else in that line, just creates inner laughter or a snarky comment like “Who are you kidding”. So that is not going to work.

The good news is that we can train the subconscious, through repetition and subliminal messaging, we are not conscious of the new programs we are installing. It is also important that we remove the self-sabotaging beliefs.

We have seen amazing results

We have developed special Apphirmations for Schools and we have seen amazing results. You can read the details on our webpage. These results include improved performance and discipline from both teachers and learners. Most learners did not hear the Apphirmations for Schools. The teachers heard them occasionally.

Read about  the Apphirmations for Schools Results

There was one learner who heard the Apphirmations daily and he transformed completely. From being suspended at the beginning of the year, to having greatly improved marks and being chosen as head-boy by the end of the year. All these changes took place in the last term. This is when they started using the Apphirmations for Schools. This can happen to your child or children in your classroom too.

We offer these Apphirmations for Schools to the schools, so that all the learners can have access to these Apphirmations for Schools for a nominal fee. The learners will also have access to them, already now, even when they are still at home.

Contact us for more info on Apphirmations for Schools