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  • How are you doing so far?
  • What is it like for you to be in lock down?
  • What are you doing to stay safe and sane?

When life is abnormal, we need to put in a little extra effort to safe and sane. Did you know that your safety and sanity are closely linked?

Our state of mind has a huge effect on our immune system. The more stressed we are, the higher the stress hormone levels are, the more our immune system is compromised. In one of the latest BBC documentaries they were saying the same.

Stress and our Brain Functioning

When we are stressed, anxious or worried we go into survival mode and how higher brain functions switch off to a large degree. Problem solving and putting things into perspective becomes difficult. This is also when the body produces the stress hormones.

There are some Brain Gym® exercises that can assist in keeping you sane. They take less than 5 minutes a day to do. The exercises are called PACE and they make you feel Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic.

People from Italy have told me that while they were sick with the Corona Virus, these 4 simple exercises pulled them through. Below you will find a 5 minute video which show you how to do these exercises.

It is a fact, many of us will be infected with the Covid-19 virus.  Most people develop no, or hardly any symptoms, while others will die. It all depends on our immune system.

Stress is the leading cause of most diseases. For many life was already stressful before the pandemic hit us. Now there is more stress, because of financial insecurities, loss of freedom, constant media bombardment with the stats, etc. The more love, peace and joy we feel deep inside of us and the more we enjoy our life, the better it is for our immune system.

Stress, anxiety and worry come from a fear-based mindset, where we believe the world is a dangerous place with lack. This comes from our subconscious beliefs and programming. If we want to use our (subconscious) mind to overcome the virus) then we need shift from fear to love, on that subconscious level.

This can be done through subliminal messages and repetition. And the Immune Boosting Apphirmations do that when you play them softly, while you sleep, or while you are doing other things.

The Immune Booster Apphirmations are so effective, because they remove many of the fear based “stuff” and replace them with love-based emotions and beliefs. This creates internal love-joy-peace. They have been successfully used by people with flu symptoms, including the Corona Virus symptoms.

Our gift to you is that during these times you have free access to these  Immune Booster Apphirmations. All you need is a device with internet access. It uses only a little data.

Immune Booster Apphirmations


  • You can strengthen our immune system by releasing your guilt, feeling unworthy and other fear-based emotions and beliefs.
  • The Immune Booster Apphirmations will help you with replacing the fear-based mindset with a love-based one.


Access the Immune Booster Apphirmations

Below you can watch our short video on how to access our free Apphirmations, which include the Immune Booster Apphirmations.

In Conclusion:

If we want to stay safe during this pandemic, it is crucial we stay sane! The saner we are, the calmer we are, the stronger our immune system will be.

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