Happy New Year!

Let 2023 be the year to overcome & release addictions.

Many people have made the New Year’s resolution to stop smoking, drinking or let go of any other addiction. And how many are still on track by the middle of January?

If you are, that is great. If you’ve been unsuccessful, don’t beat yourself up for it. Did you know that you were dealing with a double addiction? This makes it very hard to succeed.

Addiction no 1 – the substance

This is the addiction that you are aware of, e.g the addiction to:

  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Legal and illegal drugs.

We are addicted to a substance because it gives us kick. That kick is more intensive for us than for a person who is not addicted. And it is that kick that we are looking for.

Addiction no 2 – Addiction to an emotion.

Many of us haven’t learnt how to deal with emotions, constructively. Especially when it comes to “negative” emotions. We might use a substance to numb feeling that emotion.

For example if we are stressed and anxious, we might turn to nicotine to calm us down.
If we are down and depressed, we could choose an upper or a downer to avoid feeling down and depressed.

For example, people use a substance because they don’t know how to deal with:

  • Anxiety,
  • guilt,
  • regret,
  • shame,
  • rejection,
  • something else.

An interesting fact. When we feel those emotions, our body produces specific neuro peptides. According to Dr Bruce Lipton, these neuro peptides are as addictive as opiates.

This means that we continue to recreate situations that make use feel bad, guilty , worry etc, so that our body can get its fix. And then we use our substance to mask those feelings, so we don’t have to feel them.

Can you see now why it is difficult to free yourself from the addiction? You have double cravings! You crave the substance itself and the neuro-peptides that come with the emotions!

What triggers emotions?

Many people believe that emotions are triggered or caused by events. Is that true? Then how is it possible that different people experience different emotions with the same event? There is something between the event and emotion. That something is our thoughts. We interpret that event, based on our passed experiences that formed our beliefs. When we want to change our emotional reaction, it is vital that we change our interpretation of events.

Example 1

Janine used to be a smoker. She smoked because she didn’t know how to deal with her stress and anxiety. The stress and anxiety came from her interpretation of the difficult events in her life.

The single addiction – the addiction to drama

Do you know people who always have drama in their life? There is always something wrong or something to worry about. These people are actually addicted to emotions triggered by the drama. If we don’t use a substance to avoid feeling the emotions, we can still be addicted to the emotions themselves.

The emotions give us a kick and we will continue to create drama, just to feel the kick.

Example 2

I used to be addicted to worry, and especially financial worry. And even if I was doing OK financially, I would catch myself looking for something to worry about. For instance, at the beginning of the month, I would worry about how I was going to pay for the bills at the end of the month. I was addicted to that tension in my stomach that came with my worry. And so I would create financial drama, to have something to worry about.

The solution

Do you want to overcome the addiction successfully? Then it is important that you deal with both addictions. With substance itself, it is important that the kick we get from it, becomes less intense. And then it is also very important to address the addiction to the emotions. Once these have been addressed, it is much easier to overcome the addiction.

To achieve this it is vital that we change the way we think. This will change the way we look at life and the emotions we experience. But changing how we think is not that easy, because much of this takes place on a subconscious level. This means that the change also has to be on a subconscious level. My Overcome Addictions Apphirmations are a great tool to assist people to become free from their addictions.

Example 1

Janine used to be a smoker. And this is what she has to say about the Overcome Addictions Apphirmations.
The process was easy and felt natural.

Example 2

I personally used these Apphirmations to let go of my addiction to drama. It really worked, because now I hardly look for something to worry about.

You too can leave your addiction behind.

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