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Would you like to feel more love, joy, and peace in your life? All our Apphirmations make that possible. For one affordable fee, you can access them all.  Just sign up for our monthly or annual subscriptions. You will get access to all the subjects below and more.

Allergy Relief Apphirmations
Allergies and sensitivities can rob us from a lot of love, joy and peace. We all know the regular allergy symptoms, like sinus problems, itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes and more. Did you know that brain fog and depression can also be allergy symptoms?


Optimal Learning
Would you or your child like to experience more love, joy and peace while learning? Would you like your memory to improve? Lack of concentration and forgetfulness can me allergy related. Therefore, this set is a combination of the Allergy Relief Apphirmations together with specialised Brain-Body-Integration Apphirmations and Memory Apphirmations.

Optimal Weight
Would you love to feel more love for your body and experience more joy and peace too? People have found that they naturally choose healthier foods, and they can maintain a healthy eating plan with ease, without the cravings.


Overcoming addiction
What if you could experience more love, joy, and peace in your life, so that the need for substances decreases so much, that the addiction can be released. Addiction also often has an allergy component to it, which will also be addressed by the Overcoming Addiction Apphirmations. It is advisable to combine the Addiction Apphirmations with a few consultations.


Atmosphere Apphirmations.
Would you like to feel more love, joy, and peace at home or at work? The Atmosphere Apphirmations are perfect for that. People have experienced a decrease in conflict and crime. There were more harmonious relationships and they felt much safer.


Depression and Anxiety Release.
Would you like to experience more love, joy and especially peace in your personal life? The way we experience life, is directly linked to what we way to ourselves about ourselves and our lives. When we change the way we interpret our life, we feel at peace and experience more love and joy. They are also great for people who experience abuse in the relationships or who are critical of themselves.


Maths & Science
Would you like to feel more joy when doing these subjects? Our ability to excel in maths and science is directly linked to our beliefs about our abilities. When we change the way we talk to ourselves about these subjects, our attitude and abilities will change too.


Wealth Mindset
Would you like to bring more peace into your finances, and other areas in your life? Our abilities to create wealth in any area of our life, is directly linked to our beliefs about worthiness. When we change our beliefs, our opportunities for creating wealth increases. too.

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